Turkish Coffee Trail

A tour of exploring and tasting the traditional Turkish coffee that includes a coffee-making class. Get ready for coffee and Turkish delight tasting in oldest coffee houses of Istanbul, visiting Spice Bazaar, Ottoman coffee storages and so on ...

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  • Visit Turkish coffee history museum.
  • Attend a Turkish coffee course.
  • Taste coffee in historical venues of Istanbul.
  • Walk from tiny streets, follow historical walkways, find old bazaars, see Ottoman coffee storages.


Coffee, considered as a national drink of Turkey, has a long historical tradition that dates back to Ottoman Empire bringing the coffee beans to Istanbul from Egypt. The tour begins with a visit to the Turkish coffee history museum. The next stop is the highlight of the tour: a Turkish Coffee Course. The participants will also be tasting coffee in historical venues. Your guide will explain traditions, history while you walk through small streets, see old bazaars and  Ottoman coffee storages.


Start: 13.30am End: 17.00

Pick-up from hotel.

Price Includes
Guiding, transportation, coffee and Turkish delight tasting.

This tour will not be realized on Sundays.

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