To enjoy the Bosphorus...

We are so sure that even after you leave Istanbul, the Bosphorus - the greatest gift of nature to Istanbul – will sink deep traces into your memories...

-Gaze at the deep blue of the Bosphorus and breathe the fresh air in.

-Take photos in front of the splendid seascape.

-Take a fishing line and join people fishing.

-Attend Bosphorus tours from Ortaköy and Beşiktaş.

-Take a walk on the shore of the Bosphorus, beginning from Kuruçeşme and gaze on the well-cared and seaside mansion and pavilions.

-Go to one of the best nightclubs of the world on the Bosphorus shore, where you will get intoxicated by the scenery.

-Gaze at the delightful Bosphorus scenery while you are passing the Bosphorus Bridge.

-Buy gifts from the Ortaköy Bazaar for you and your loved ones.

-Taste pancakes in Ortaköy.

-Sit in the parks in Kuruçeşme or Bebek and gaze around.

-Sit in “Pafuli Restaurant” in Kuruçeşme and taste the dishes of Black Sea cuisine.

-Get on the boats anchored in Arnavutköy and Bebek and have a great dinner with the sound of the waves.

-Drink a bubbly Turkish coffee in Bebek Cafe and play backgammon.

-Buy almond paste from Bebek Badem Ezmecisi.

-Wander around by eating an ice-cream from the famous Güneş Dondurmacısı in Bebek.

-Enjoy the Bosphorus from above by going up to Rumeli Fortress.

-Visit Tulip Garden in Emirgan Grove.

-Sit at the “Kale Çay Bahçesi” next to Rumeli Fortress and taste the tea served with a teapot.

-Have an enormous breakfast in Deniz Kafe in Rumeli Fortress.

-Drink your tea in a street cafe shop in Emirgân.

-Have a delicious breakfast with honey and cream in the shore of Emirgân.

-Taste pastry in “Sarıyer Börekçisi” in Sarıyer -which resembles a beach town.

-Inhale the fresh green air of Emirgân and Yıldız Woods that takes you to a fascinating world, and have a delicious meal in one of the villas.

-Drink a sage tea in Emek Kahve next to the pier in Yeniköy.

-Enjoy rakı and fish in Kavaklar.

-Gaze around in Yuşa Hill in Anadolu Kavağı.

-Taste mussel, squid or fish in Beylerbeyi.

-Sit in the famous meyhane of İsmet Baba in Kuzguncuk and watch the gorgeous sunset.

-Sit at the Çınaraltı Kahvesi in Kuzguncuk and taste the Turkish coffee brewed in a copper coffee pot in Kuzguncuk

-Walk through the judas trees in Fethi Pasha Woods in Kuzguncuk.

-Eat pastry in Historical Çengelköy Pastry Shop.

-Taste the famous Çengelköy cucumber.

-Taste the meatballs of Recep Usta in Çengelköy.

-Taste the famous yoghurt with castor sugar in Kanlıca.

-Taste the delicious soups in Beykoz.

Bosphorus awaits!



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