Enjoying Istanbul: Suburbs

We made a list of various activities that you might want to try outside of Istanbul city center.

A Must-Do List of Istanbul Suburbs

• Have a delicious meal of fish at Anadolu Kavağı and eat Turkish Doughnut (lokma) after the meal.

• Take pictures of the blue-greenish glimmer of the Bosphorus from Rumeli Kavağı.

• Sit on the ledge of Silivri Mendireği and enjoying the sunset

• Ride horses at Kemerburgaz.

• Take a romantic walk on the lengthy beach of Kumburgaz.

• Play golf at the clubs of Kemerburgaz and Silivri.

• Have a delightful barbecue at the “cook yourself-eat yourselfrestaurants of Kilyos.

• Going to a night party at the beach clubs of Kilyos.

• Have a sumptuous breakfast with honey and marmalade at Polonezköy on a sunday morning.

• See the caves of Ağva.

• Buy homemade marmalade from Polonezköy.

• Stay in one of the lodges on the riverbank at Ağva, enjoying both the tranquility and the scenery.

Canoe and sea bicycle, or enjoy a boat ride at Ağva.

• Buy dresses made of Şile cloth at Şile.

• Visit the Lighthouse and Fortress of Şile

• Enjoy a meal of rakı & fish at Barba Yani on Burgazada.

• Eat kuyu kebabı (a type of meat cooked in an underground pit oven) at Kalpazankaya Restaurant on Burgazada.

• Rent a boat and enjoy the moonlight scenery of the Princes’ Islands.

 • Have a sunday breakfast with classical music at Buyukada Kültürevi.

• Buy lemon ice cream from the ice-cream vendor Prinkapos to the right hand side of the Buyukada Pier.

• Spend quality time seeing the Princes’ Islands on horse carriages.

• Have a bicycle tour on Buyukada.

• Climb the path up to Hagia Yorgi, riding donkeys.

• Have a delightful meal of fish-rakı-appetizers at the beachside restaurants of Buyukada.

• Taste the famous palm-tree of Buyukada


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