Small St. Sophia Mosque

The Small St. Sophia Mosque (Petite Hagia Sophia) is a 1500 year-old converted church in the famous Sultanahmet District is a must see in Istanbul.

Small St. Sophia (also called Petite Hahia Sophia) was built in the period of Justinian I. Its original name was “St. Sergios and Bacchos”. This is stated in the epitaph above the lower columns

During the period of Sultan Bayezid II, it was turned into a mosque by adding a minaret by Chief Black Eunuch Hadım Hüseyin Ağa. It has undergone repairs in various periods and its present minaret was completed in 1955.

It is a rectangular building made of brick. The minaret rising on the right hand side has a single balcony. Its dome has a height of 19 meters and is situated on eight legged arches. Sixteen of the 34 green-and-red marble columns are on the lower and one is on the upper side.

The congregational area has five domes and six columns and was added just recently. Hüseyin Ağa’s tomb is located in its yard on the left-hand side.


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