Samatya: The Armenian District

This tour includes Ramazan Efendi Mosque amd Complex, Sümbül Efendi Mosque and Copmlex, Sulu Monastery, Greek & Armenian Churches and Samatya Square.

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This is a tour to areas where the traditional Istanbul Fish Festival is organized. Up to recent times, Samatya was mostly inhabited by Armenians who own the church of Surp Kevork (St. George), also called Sulu Monastery – which dates back from before the Ottoman conquest. The Greek Orthodox have churches such as Hristos Analipsis and Hagios Menas. There is Latin churches as well. Turks have impressive mosques such as Ramazan Efendi Camii which is Sinan’s work of art and Kocamustafa Paşa Camii which is the former Byzantine Church of St. Andrew. This tour covers many other historic places. Entry to the churches may vary at the moment of each visit.

Price includes: Guiding, transportation and entrance fees.

Important information:

This tour is a half day -afternoon- tour.

You will meet with the guide at the lobby of your hotel.

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