Pitoresk Istanbul Digital Exhibition

An audio-visual experience without precedents will make you live in the Constantinople of 200 years ago.

Pitoresk (Picturesque) Istanbul digital exhibition is a unique and mysterious journey to Istanbul 200 years ago.

Live music, huge screens and breath-taking digitally remastered paitings will take you through a journey 200 years ago to the capital of the Ottoman Empire... Constantinople.

Works of art of the Romantic era artists depicting Istanbul, awaken by CodexArt technique. A unique expression of Istanbul, through the eyes of the voyagers who hit the road to explore Istanbul. The painter voyagers of the 19th century Melling, Schranz, Allom, Bartlett, Lewis and painter Aivazovsky’s Istanbul comes to life again on enormous screens as “digital travel books”.

The exhibition will be held between June 26 and 30 at the Naval Museum.

2016 JUN 26
Pitoresk Istanbul Exhibition
Ticket Price
Weekend 29 TL
Week Days 25 TL

Naval Museum, Beşiktaş

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