Istanbul's street foods

If you are in Istanbul, don't leave the city without trying these foods...

Istanbul is a goldmine of culinary variety. City's most fashionable restaurants serve you delicious meals but don't forget the street foods of Istanbul. In Istanbul's backstreets, there is a living "street food culture". Simit, kumpir, dürüm...  When you travel to Istanbul, you should not leave the city without trying these street foods.

Istanbul's best street foods


Simit is the most known street food in Istanbul. You can find it on every street of İstanbul. Simit is a freshly baked, molasses dipped and sesame crusted dough. And it's cheap!

Balık - Ekmek


Balık - ekmek, fish and bread, is a indispensable street food in Istanbul. You can eat balık - ekmek, better known as fish sandwiches at near the Karaköy or Eminönü shores. But don't forget to eat that delicious sandwiches afoot.



Dürüm is not only famous and known in Istanbul it has a world-wide fame. It is wrapped food, with chicken, beef, cheese or veggie variety you prefer.

Midye Dolma


Midye dolma is stuffed mussel, mixed with spicy rice and served with lemon juice. The trick with midye dolma is to keep eating as many as the seller gives you until you feel half-full and then stop.



Kokoreç is spiced and skewered sheep’s intestines, served in either half or quarter of a bread loaf with plenty of grease and salt to go with.



Kumpir, baked potato filled with cheese,sausages, corn, mayonnaise salad, peas and carrots, pickles... etc., is a deilicious street food in Turkey. And Ortaköy is the most popular area in the city to eat kumpir.

Wet burger


Wet burger is really wet, having been doused by an oily, tomato-based sauce before incubating in a glass-lined burger hamam.

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