Istanbul Selimiye Mosque

Located in Üsküdar, Istanbul; across from the Selimiye Barracks, Selimiye Mosque was commissioned by Sultan Selim III in 1805.

Its minarets were destroyed by a strong gale and were rebuilt in 1823. It underwent restoration in 1964.

A wide courtyard with four entrances surrounds it. Selimiye is built in the Baroque style. The rectangular planned building is made of hewn stone. One small tower on each edge supports the great dome of four walls and 24 windows. The interior is adorned by verses and calligraphic art.

The interior of the mosque is rich in marble and wood engravings. The mihrab and mimbar are made of porphyry marble. Five domes resting on six marble columns shelter the congregational area.

There are two minarets with single balconies and two storey sultan offices. It also treasures the graves of Zibifer Kadın, wife of Sultan Selim III and Minister of Finance Mehmet Hasip Pasha.

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