Istanbul in 1 Day

Spending a day in Istanbul is obviously not sufficient but it is a privilege which not many people get to experience in their life  That’s why we prepared you an itinerary so that you can make use of a single day in Istanbul the best way possible. Dense

After having a strong breakfast, preferably a Turkish breakfast, you would have enough energy for a morning full of beauties. Put on your comfy shoes and head to the magnificent Topkapı Palace; the witness of the Ottoman Era right from the beginning…

(Tip: Some attractions I will mention will have long waiting lines at the entrance. Having their tickets beforehand would help you to be highly time efficient. I suggest you to have a look at the essential:classic kit of Istanbul Tourist Pass.)

Topkapı Palace is a must – see! (Closed on Tuesdays.) For being the most visited museum in Istanbul, Topkapı Palace is generally quite crowded. I suggest you to be there a little earlier than 9:00 and starting with the Harem section would be a good idea since it gets overcrowded later. Ideal time for Topkapı would be 1,5 - 2 hours. After soaking in the Ottoman palace life & culture, you can move on with the Blue Mosque. (½ hr. would be enough for the Blue Mosque.) This one is a place to remember J

You might be getting tired, that is why should continue this dense but very satisfying tour with Hagia Sophia of 1500+ years, a.k.a. the Wisdom of God, where you will be flushed with peace and awe. (Hagia Sophia is closed on Mondays.)

Now is the time for a well-deserved lunch! Sultanahmet, district of the Historical Peninsula, is the most touristic place of Istanbul and offers tons of places to eat for every taste. Here, the options are almost infinite but assuming that you’d like to go Turkish, here are some options:

1) Sultanahmet Köftecisi


Demirtaş Mah. 34134 Fatih - Istanbul

+90-212 520 12 53

2) Sedef Döner Büfe


Binbirdirek Mah. 34122 Fatih - İstanbul

+90-212 516 2420

3) Limon Cafe Homemade Dishes


Alemdar Mah.34110 Fatih - İstanbul

+90-212 526 68 26

After filling your stomach and charging yourself up, you can head to the Basilica Cistern. Basilica Cistern is a gorgeous Byzantine water depot. The place would take at most ½ hr but you might feel like putting yourself in a meditative state of mind and listen to the sound of water drops.

Later on, the calm water drops will leave their place to a whirlwind of colors, sounds and smells! Get ready for the Grand Bazaar! Grand Bazaar is one of the biggest close bazaars in the world and you can find basically anything in it, however leather, jewelry, spices and clothing are the general preference of tourists. You might spend 1 to 2 hours, depending on whether you have things to buy or things to see. But Grand Bazaar is a must see place in Istanbul so adding it to your daily plan of Istanbul is highly recommended.

Now is the time to get some rest after all these walking tours. There are 3 options you might enjoy for a couple of hours which I will list below.

1)      Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Tour: This bus departs at every 30 minutes from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. If you can catch one of the last buses, you would get a chance to get rest since all you will need to do is observing around on the bus and you would also make use of a couple of hours the best way possible right after the museums are closed and right before the dinner.

2)      Hop-On Hop-Off Bosphorus Tour: Similar to the Big Bus, this tour offers you a chance to get rest and see many beautiful parts of Istanbul. For the Bosphorus Tour you’ll need to go to Kabataş first.

3)      Another interesting option would be experiencing a Turkish bath! Spending a couple of hours relaxing with hot water and massages would be amazing after a long day full of walking & learning.

It is up to you!

Dinner time! How about going to Beyoğlu district of Istanbul for amazing Turkish dishes? Beyoğlu is the liveliest place in Istanbul and it is full of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. It is the best example of the mixture of history and modern life of Istanbul. 

We hope you enjoyed your day! Hope to see you soon again in Istanbul!

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