Heaven’s Door: Nişantaşı–Teşvikiye

The contemporary scene: chain stores wherever you turn and everybody “in fashion” and identical. Even what is off the beaten track soon becomes run-of-the-mill.

Another Way of Shopping

nisantasimore than ever, the one-of-a-kind, the unique, or, at least, the something in a limited edition is in greater demand and valued more highly than ever before. Particularly if it shows evidence that some thought and effort were put into it and bears a designer label. To offset the dreary flood of chain stores, why not stop off at some place where the spice of life—variety—and zest can be added to your shopping spree?

What's there in Nişantaşı and Teşvikiye

The boutiques in and around Nişantaşı offer one of the finest shopping experiences in town. Where to start? Wherever your heart is captured by some creation on display in a shop window and makes you cry out “That’s just what I want!” The selection is broad: haute couture by famous designers, limited edition T-shirts and bags, and vintage and alternative lifestyle clothes. Non-apparel items include fashion and design magazines and books, bibelots collected in Europe, gift merchandise, and much more.

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