Feast of Sacrifice in Istanbul

In Arabic called Eid el-Adha or Eid el Kebir, Kurban Bayramı (Feast of Sacrifice) is one of the most important festival of Muslims.

Kurban Bayramı is an Islamic religious festival. Since it is a public holiday all private, govermental establishments and shops are closed. 

Kurban Bayramı starts on 10th of Zilhicce (Dhul-hijja) in the Islamic lunar Hijri Calendar. The dates in Gregorian Calender changes every year but each year at least 4 days are announced as holidays. In Feast of Sacrifice everybody travels to their home cities to see their relatives and sacrifice an animal to god. 

If you are planning your travel to Turkey on Kurban Bayramı, you should check out some certain points...

Here are what to do on your trip to Turkey during Kurban Bayramı...

- If it's possible, be careful not to travel on the first day of the holiday. You might loose time in the traffic jam

- Since it is high season before coming to Istanbul, or especially travelling somewhere else from Istanbul surely make hotel reservations

- Just in case, have some cash with you.

Important tips

- Some museums and bazaars may be closed on the first of the festival, but the second day most of them will be opened.

- Public transportation continues to run during festival.

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