Don’t Leave Istanbul Without Doing These Things

To enjoy the Prince Islands and Near Istanbul, here is a list of things that you must do.

When you come to Istanbul, you should visit the quite special places in the vicinity. We are sure that you will be enchanted by these special places where the blue color of the sea is intermingled with the green of the nature. Before visiting those places, have a look at our recommendations.

You can’t get the utmost delight out of Prince Islands and Near İstanbul without;

  • Tasting the famous Palm (a kind of dessert) of Büyükada (Big Island)
  • Traveling along the Islands on bike
  • Going to a restaurant by the sea in the Islands and enjoying raki and fish together
  • Visiting Büyükada Aya Yorgi Church
  • Drinking wine and enjoy yourself in the restaurant on the hill where Aya Yorgi Church is placed and then lie over the grass and watching the wonderful islands’ scenery
  • Wrapping a piece of rag onto the trees near Aya Yorgi Church and making a wish
  • Staying for one night in the Heybeliada Halki Palace and experiencing the amazing atmosphere
  • Having a coach pleasure on the Islands
  • Tasting the lemon ice-cream in the Ice-Cream Maker Prinkapos’ place which is on the right-hand side while climbing the Büyükada Dock
  • Having sea bath in the first bay you find

Burgazada Istanbul

  • Having a sea bath in Yörükali Beach and having a picnic
  • Having Sunday Breakfast in Büyükada Culture House while listening to classical music
  • Feeding the cute cats and dogs in Büyükada
  • Hiring a rowboat in the Islands and enjoying the moonlight
  • Experiencing the raki-fish tasting in Barba Yani’s place in Burgazada
  • Trying pit-kebab in the Kalpazankaya Rastaurant in Burgazada
  • Having a long walk and watching the villas and waterside mansions under the hyacinth
  • Siting across the Şile Lighthouse and drinking your drink
  • Visiting the Şile Castle
  • Buying linen clothes specific to Şile when you go there

Heybeliada Istanbul

  • Hiring a rowboat and row your way in the rivers around Ağva, and enjoying the canoe and sea-bicycle
  • Staying in one of the boarding house lying around the rivers in Ağva and enjoying the astonishing scenery and listening to the sound of silence
  • Visiting the caves in Ağva
  • Buying some of the homemade jams sold by the villagers by the roads in Polenezköy and Ağva
  • Having a village style breakfast in one of the famous restaurants in Polonezköy by going there early in the morning
  • Going to one of the beach clubs in Kilyos and enjoying the sea and the sun
  • Having a romantic walk in the long beach of Kumburgaz
  • Playing golf in the famous golf clubs of Kemerburgaz or Silivri
  • Riding a horse in the facilities in Kemerburgaz
  • Siting in the bar in the far end of Silivri Breakwater and watching the sea

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