Çamlıca Hill of Istanbul

Famous for its sunset views of Istanbul and Bosphorus, Çamlıca Hill offers a uniquely pleasant retreat with its fresh air and pavilions.

In many poems and works of literature, Istanbul is known for its seven hills, Çamlıca is the tallest of the seven. Çamlıca Hill, which is also mentioned in many songs, is located in Üsküdar. The most beautiful sunsets in the entire city can be viewed from this hill. Among the many locations visible from Çamlıca are the Prince Islands, Sultanahmet, Süleymaniye and Ortaköy. As you will see, the view certainly does justice to the silhouette of Istanbul that it encompasses.

The hill is divided into two separate sections: Büyük and Küçükçamlıca. Without doubt, it provides a warm welcome to those who would like to view the panoramic beauty of Istanbul and the Bosphorus and the unique beauty of an Istanbul sunset. In addition to the hill’s famous views, it is also home to many cafes, where you can get your fill of the unique pleasure that narghile offers. Often, newly-married couples make trips to Çamlıca Hill after their ceremony, further adding to the lively atmosphere on the hill.


Breakfast over the Bosphorus

Due to the fact that the Ottoman sultans paid a good deal of attention and appreciation to the area, Çamlıca is also the site of many pavilions. As expressions of the splendor and joie de vivre of the Ottoman sultanate, these pavilions - most of which still exist - today helped to make Çamlıca what it is. Today they provide an excellent setting for an Istanbul brunch, and their natural beauty offers succor to many an Istanbul resident who has grown exhausted from the bustle of urban life. In these surroundings, you can enjoy the flavor of tea or a Turkish coffee.

The Sofa, Cihannüma, Topkapı and Su pavilions, all of which demonstrate the elegance and detail of Ottoman architecture, are located within the Küçük Çamlıca Woods. If you want to give yourself the gift of a brunch, while taking in the incomparable views of the Bosphorus during your trip to Istanbul, the establishments located in these pavilions will surely satisfy you with their diverse breakfast menus. At these pavilions, you will find a wide variety of food, along with hot and cold drinks. They are open from 09.00-23.00.



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