Byzantine Monasteries of Istanbul

Discover Byzantium Empire, Byzantine Art and civilization in Istanbul with a full-day tour accompanied by an expert guide.

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  • A full-day Byzantine history tour of Istanbul.
  • See most of the historical monasteries of Byzantine Constantinople.
  • Explore the ruins of Byzantine churches, Byzantine stone houses, cisterns, dungeons, columns and palaces.
  • See mosaics and frescos of St Saviour of Chora.


Istanbul was the capital city of Byzantium Empire which was powerful in the world scene for 11 centuries. In this tour you will be able to discover the Byzantine Monastries in Istanbul. This full-day walking tour offers you ruins of St. Polyeuctus Church which was the largest church of the city before Hagia Sophia was built, Pantokrator Church that was one of the most important landmarks of Byzantine period, as the highlight of the day St Saviour of Chora with its amazing mosaics and frescos, the Tekfur Palace and more. Your expert guide will be by your side all day to help you travel back in time. 




Start: 09.00am End: 17.00

Pick-up from hotel.

Price Includes
Guiding, transportation, entrance fees and lunch.

This tour will not be realised on Wednesdays

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