Buket Uzuner: Moda is a secret garden in Kadıköy

There is only one Istanbul but everybody has a different one. It sometimes comes out of memories, sometimes of daily life. A famous and populer writer, Buket Uzuner's Istanbul is quite different. Let's visit it...

“…The things that make Moda the darling of young people today are tea gardens and the square of ice-cream shops. In the memories of youngsters from Kadıkoy, there is definitely a Moda summer that shared their love. For those who do not have such a memory, the approaching summer can be reserved! Moda’s tea gardens are magnificent in summer. They are like heavenly places saved from the traffic jam and daily rush of Istanbul. With the Marmara Sea across from you, the lighthouse of Fenerbahçe on the left, partly the Islands, Haydarpasha on the right, even a little view of the Historical Peninsula, these tea gardens offer a beauty that can make you faint out of happiness.”

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