Bosphorus Menu At The Hard Rock Cafe Istanbul

Traditional tastes from the Turkish cuisine mixed with the Rock & Roll flavour of Hard Rock Cafe Istanbul created the Bosphorus Burger. 3 mini burgers representing different local dishes will blow your mind away. Choose your favourite milkshake to go with

  • Schedule: This service is offered 365 days
  • Meeting: Hard Rock Cafe - Istanbul on Istiklal Street
  • Duration: One meal (3 mini burgers + Milkshake)
  • Confirmation: This service is confirmed instantly

In a nutshell

  • A delicious meal consisting of 3 mini burgers with different local flavours and a milkshake of your choice at the world famous restaurant.
  • Take your first step into Turkish cuisine, the familiar way with Hard Rock Cafe.
  • All three burgers represent famous Turkish dishes. Which one is your favourite?

What to Expect

On your way to Hard Rock Cafe Istanbul, you will be walking on the busiest and the most famous street in Istanbul, Istiklal. After filling up with energy and vibe on Istiklal, it’s now time to fill up your stomach. Kind and always smiling staff of Hard Rock Cafe will greet you at the entrance and walk you to your table. As you present your voucher, you will immediately be served the Bosphorus Menu which includes 3 mini burgers and a milkshake. Don’t be fooled by the name, mini burgers will fill you up. All 3 burgers represent a different dish from the Turkish cuisine. Pick your favourite and try the actual dish at a local restaurant later. How does that sound? If you are a vegetarian, no worries, Hard Rock Cafe can replace your Bosphorus Burger with a Veggie Burger. The Rock & Roll flare in Hard Rock will give you enough energy to keep on exploring the rest of the city.


What’s Included

  • Bosphorus Menu: 3 mini local burgers + Milkshake
  • Bosphorus Burger can be exchanged with a Veggie burger

What’s Not Included

  • Any additional purchases
  • Transfer


  • The menu inclusions can not be exchanged for another item on the menu except for a Veggie Burger which can be exchanged for the Bosphorus Burger.
  • No reservation required.
  • Hard Rock Cafe opening hours are as follows:
    Sun.-Thur. from noon until midnight.
    Fri.-Sat. from noon until 01.00am.

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