Blue Mosque Area

This tour includes Cafer Ağa Medrese, Soğukçeşme Street, Akbıyık Mosque, Sokullu Paşa Mosque, Petit Hagia Sophia, Justinians Palace and Buhara Tekke.

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In the trail of Ottoman and Byzantine Heritage.

This is the heart of Istanbul! Amazing stories of Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans will take you deep into the city’s history. And tell you – how many intellectuals were imprisoned in the Sultanahmet Prison that is used as a hotel today. Where the remains of the House of the Emperor Justinian are? Listen to the outstanding true story of Beheaded Hüseyin Ağa and Cinci Hoca. What else? Wooden Turkish houses, mansions of Ottoman Aristocracy, Baths of Haseki Sultan, Petit Hagia Sophia and many others.

Price includes: Guiding, transportation and entrance fees.

Important information:

This tour is a half day -morning- tour.

You will meet with the guide at the lobby of your hotel.

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