Asian Side of Istanbul: Üsküdar & Kadıköy (Tour with Marmaray Tunnel)

Explore the Asian Side of Istanbul, get away from the crowds and chaos of the other side of Istanbul. Watch the Europe from afar and enjıoy the markets, mosques and streets of Üsküdar and Kadıköy.

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  • A full-day tour of Istanbul's Asian side. 
  • A trip from the Europe to Asia in the modern, undersea train with your guide.
  • Enjoy a walk tour of Üsküdar, an Ottoman district.
  • Explore Kadıköy and its harbor buildings, narrow streets, fish market and the decent neighborhood of Moda
  • See churches, mosques and mansions of the Asian side.
  • Have a boat ride that will through Bosphorus bring you to the European side and back to your hotel.


With this tour you will be picjked up from your hotel, ride the MARMARAY from European side to Asian side. Even though European side is more famous and popular Asian side also offers a lot to see and is an alternative taste to understand the big city. After getting of the train you will walk through Üsküdar district and get the chance to see its mosques and complexes explained by your guide. When you get to Kadıköy you will explore the historical harbor buildings of Kadıköy, narrow streets of famous fish market, the quarter of Moda, visit the churches, mosques and mansions. In the end maybe the most enjoyable activity will be the boat trip you will take as the sun goes down. 





Start: 9.00am End: 17.00

Price Includes
Guiding, transportation, lunch, entrance fees

Pick-up from hotel.

Transportation also includes Marmaray Tunnel and 20 min. cruise on ferryboat.

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