Archeology Museum: Treasures of Ancient Civilizations

This tour includes Sarcophagus of Alexanderi Istanbul Exhibiton, Sumerian Tablets and Tile Kiosk.

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Awarded “Museum of The Year” by the European Council, was established as the first Turkish Museum. The present museum consists of four sections disposed in four different buildings. It houses the famous Sarcophagus of Alexander The Great and priceless artifacts from the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Era. The upper floor has a wide collection of coins. The New Building opened in 1998 has magnificent exhibitions of Troia and Anatolian Cultures. There is very well displayed section for Istanbul. The third building has remarkable works of art from Mesopotamia. Artifacts date from the 6th millennium and onwards. Sumeria, Hittite, Akadia, Babylonia and many other cultures will get you deep in-to the histories that have affected European Culture. Finally - and of course - to have an unforgettable day you need a splendid guide to help you enjoy and appreciate this unique museum.


Price includes: Guiding, transportation and entrance fees.

Important information:

This tour is a half day -morning- tour.

You will meet with the guide at the lobby of your hotel.

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