A magic touch to leather

The leather has been used by human beings forever and is constantly being regenerated and gaining a new soul.

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of leather, but for decades leatherwear was only used as jackets and topcoats. However, many who went to Italy were filled with admiration by the wonderful designs made of leather. Why was such a leather-rich country been unable to create beautiful designs? Unawareness of the characteristics of leather and a lack of schools that could give the technical and technological knowledge left Turkey behind many countries with respect to the leather industry.

But now fortunately when talking about leather, the first thing that comes to mind is not the leather jackets sold in Laleli and Zeytinburnu. In recent years, Turkish designers have created incredible works with leather. Designers regenerate and reshape leather from wedding gowns to evening dresses and to bags and shoes. 

Each design has a different story underneath, but the point on which each of them unites is the same: knowing leather well, knowing technology well, putting heart and souls into this business with passion and to be open to the world.

Then come easily the extremely interesting, useable, stylish and lasting designs.

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