7 Wonderful Places to Eat In Istanbul That Even Locals Wouldn't Know

Unique Istanbul is full of unique things to do! Though it is not always easy to find them among all the famous attractions in the city. That is why we prepared you a delicious list of places to go for the best tastes of Istanbul!

Veni, Vidi, Edi*

*I came, I saw, I ate


Hop on to a plane, arrange the most suitable hotel for you and conquer the cuisine of Istanbul!

Taste Targets:

1) Kadı Nimet Fish Restaurant

This place serves good fish! Kadı Nimet has been in service for more than 40 years and it has become a landmark of Kadıköy, the most famous district of the Asian side of Istanbul. Every single dish contains the best of the ingredients from all over Turkey. Cheese from Ezine, olive oil from the Aegean region, artichoke from Izmir and many other will enrich the taste of your fresh seasonal fish for a beautiful fish & rakı experience at the heart of Istanbul.

Kadı Nimet Fish Restaurant


 Caferağa Mah. Serasker Cd. No:10/A

 Kadıköy - Istanbul


 +90 216 348 73 89

2) Kardeşim Mantı (Turkish Type Ravioli)

Since 1945, Kardeşim Mantı is filling the stomachs with 100% hand made food with absolutely no additive. All the ingredients are 1st quality and generally brought from Bolu and its surrounding regions. This place feels like home the moment you step in. The owners of the place, a mother and son, serve incredibly delicious mantı ( Turkish type ravioli) and yaprak sarma (stuffed vine leaves). 

By the way, keep in mind that if you don't finish everything on your plate, you don't get to eat desserts! :)

 kardesim manti istanbul


 Mirgün Mah. Muvakkit Cd.  No:14/1 Çınaraltı

 Emirgan - Istanbul


 +90 212 229 69 17

3) Beykoz Teacherage (Beykoz Öğretmen Evi)

Would you like to spend a day watching a view that deserves to be on a postcard? Take a seat right next to the Bosphorus and enjoy the view of Rumelian Fortress and the 2nd bridge while having tasty pancakes with very affordable prices. A great hide away from the crowd of Istanbul :)

beykoz sabanci teachery ogretmen evi


 Küçüksu Cd. No:11 Anadolu Hisarı

 Beykoz - Istanbul


 +90 216 332 36 32

4) Ağa Kapısı

This place is so special that even locals try to hide it away from each other. With its lovely view of the Historical Peninsula, delicious Ottoman syrups and healthy herbal teas; Ağa Kapısı is a must see place in Istanbul. Discover this side street beauty and don't forget that it is a secret...

aga kapisi cafe sultanahmet istanbul


 Süleymaniye Mah. Fetva Yokuşu Nazir Izzet Efendi Sk. No:11

 Tahtakale - Istanbul


 +90 212 519 51 76

5) Gizli Kalsın 

Its name means "Keep it as a Secret" and this bar is literally hidden. Guess where the entrance is: In a refrigerator of a pizzaria in Emirgan! Pizza shop might deceive you with its 3 tables, but if you know the secret passage (which you know now!) you will be able to find the real deal. 

gizli kalsin bar and pizzaria 


 Emirgan Mah. Sakıp Sabancı Cd. No:14/B

 Sarıyer - Istanbul


 +90 212 277 88 87

6) Madam Despina Tavern

Madam Despina is the first tavern which was managed by a woman and has a very special place in the hearts of Istanbulites since then. A humble ambiance takes you decades back and puts you in the perfect mood for a glass of rakı and delicious hoursdoeuvres.

madam despina tavern kurtulus istanbul


 Feriköy Mah. Kurtuluş Cd. Açık Yol Sk. No:9

 Şişli - Istanbul


 +90 212 247 33 57

7) Çorlulu Ali Pasha Medresesi

Best shisha ever! Had we mentioned about the extraordinary Turkish coffee? This little known place surely deserves the fame but there is a reason for regular customers to keep it as a secret! Funny thing is that the Medrese is located in one of the most touristic disticts of Istanbul!

corlulu ali pasa medresesi sultanahmet istanbul 


 Beyazıt Mah. Yeniçeriler Cd. Bileyciler Sk. Eminönü Fatih - Istanbul


 +90 212 519 23 41


Bonus: Esnaf Lokantaları (Restaurants for tradesmen & workers)

“Esnaf” means tradesman or worker in Turkish. The name arises for them being local cafeterias that serve ready made, easy and cheap food to tradesmen and workers around their neighborhoods.  But nowadays everybody chooses these restaurants for healthy, quick and hot meals. Some of them has become too famous that their prices compete with luxurious restaurants.  


Mim Kemal Öke Cd. No:21
Nişantaşı - Istanbul
+90 212 225 46 65


kantin esnaf lokantasi
Akkavak Sk. No:30 
Nişantaşı - Istanbul
+90 212 219 31 14

Şahin Lokantası

sahin lokantasi
Asmalı Mescid Mah. Orhan Adli Apaydın Sk. No:11
Beyoğlu - Istanbul
+90 212 244 25 43

Paçacı Mahmut

sahin lokantasi istanbul
Kızanlık Cd. No:16 Kıztaşı
Fatih - Istanbul
+90 212 635 46 08

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