10 Things to buy in Istanbul

In Istanbul, there are lots of malls, covered bazaars and shops that you can find what you are looking for.

You can find almost everything that you want in Istanbul. But before leaving the city, we suggest you bring these items that will always remind you of your time in Istanbul...

Here are the top 10 things to buy in Istanbul...

1. Bring the desserts you enjoyed with you


For anyone with a sweet tooth Istanbul is a delightful place. Choose from delicious Turkish delights flavoured with rose water and fruits, pistachio filled baklava and more... You can find every type of Turkish dessert in Istanbul.

2. Spices from Bazaars

Herbs and spices with their delicious smells will magnetize you. You can find them at the bazaars.

3. Tea or Coffee?

Whether you prefer coffee or tea, both make excellent gifts. You can buy Turkish tea or coffee.

4. You might not find these in any other country

You can easly find the brightly coloured fabrics and textiles in shops across the city . You can look for hand woven scarves, delicate embroidery and hanmade felt garments.

5. Seramics

When you come to Istanbul, you can see amazing ceramics on every street and in every bulding. In shops you can find little ceramics as a gift.

6. Carpets

Turkey has been a producer of rugs over the centuries. When you come to Istanbul, you can buy one of them.

7. Art from the streets

You can see a local artisan when you are walking on the Istanbul streets. You can buy one of their works, so that you can take home a memento of Istanbul.

8. Evil Eye

In Turkish culture giving a blue and white "evil eye" (in Turkish: Nazar Boncuğu) as a gift is a traditional. And you can find one of them in any souvenir shop.

9. Music of the city

In Istanbul you can hear every kind of music. Jazz to folk and sufi to classical. You can buy a collection of CDs and relive the unique spirit of Istanbul every time you hear the mesmerizing melodies of Turkey.

10. Souvenirs

You can find -really- unique souvenir in Çukurcuma or the Grand Bazaar.

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