Yıldız Park


This picturesque park in Besiktas is one of the largest urban parks in Istanbul. Yildiz Park was once part of the Yildiz Palace complex and enjoys spectacular views of the Bosphorus.

This park of Istanbul is especially popular with locals, who come here to drink tea and enjoy a picnic while escaping the heat and pressures of the city.

Once a large forest, the area it occupies was once used as a hunting ground for Ottoman rulers and was a favorite haunt of Sultan Abdulhamid II, who later put up walls and added a lake, houses and a porcelain factory.

The Park is divided into two parts and is connected to the remains of the nearby Ciragan Palace Kempinski by bridge. It has a large variety of trees, shrubs and flowers from around the world including cedar, pine, oak and cypress that date from the Ottoman period.

The lake occupies its center and has a large fountain.

Address: Çırağan Caddesi , Yildiz,  Istanbul

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