Why Should You Choose Istanbul For Dental Treatments?


Turkey, particularly Istanbul, has recently emerged as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. Every year, over a million people go to Istanbul for medical treatment and to enjoy a pleasant vacation away from the stresses of life and work. Among the million individuals, almost 200,000 go to Turkey for dental care, cosmetic dental operations, and a Hollywood smile. 

This is not unexpected given that Turkey has the best and most competent dentists in the world, as well as a sophisticated and precise health system. There are also the best hospitals in Istanbul, with the most modern medical equipment, which helps to raise the quality of medical treatment in Turkey to levels comparable to those found in Europe and the United States of America. 

The term “Hollywood smile” was used in the 1940s to describe this dental cosmetic treatment. Back then, movie actors on the set glued white plates to their teeth during shooting in order to have white teeth on camera. Unfortunately, the materials used at the time were ineffective, and the white grin only lasted a few hours. Many people across the globe may now enjoy a long-lasting white smile because to advances in technology and materials. Now, we have many dental surgery options to get the movie star look you want to achieve!

What Is A Dental Treatment?

A Dental surgery is a common surgery. There are a number of cosmetic dental operations with the goal of improving the shape, color, and scale of the teeth to better fit the patient’s mouth. Many dental treatments, such as Dental Implants in Istanbul, Gingivoplasty, crowns or bridges, and Teeth Whitening, are used in teeth aesthetic operations. Supportive dental treatments, such as root canal therapy, composite fillings, and tooth reduction, may be needed to maintain the oral health condition as safe as possible throughout the smile makeover process. Gingivoplasty (esthetic gum surgery in Istanbul) may be required to correct the gum margins to match the new smile. 

 Why Choosing Istanbul For Dental Surgery?

1- The medical services system offered by Istanbul‘s dental clinics and hospitals is unique, pleasant, and professional for medical tourists seeking medical treatment. 

2- Competitive pricing: Generally, having a Hollywood smile in Istanbul will cost you 50% to 70% less when compared to dental treatment costs in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

3- Europe and US standards: When you visit any dental clinic or hospital, you will see that the treatment standards are comparable to EU and US standards, but at a cheaper cost. 

4- Professional and experienced surgeons: Istanbul boasts a large number of experienced, highly educated, and well-trained physicians and dentists. Doctors in Istanbul are always up to date on the newest medical technologies and treatment techniques. They are also continuously monitored by the Ministry of Health and exposed to ongoing medical training and seminars on new medical treatment methods. 

Discover Istanbul, and share the most stunning photos of you with your new, beautiful teeth in front of the Bosphorus, beautiful restaurants, and Kadikoy with your friends and loved ones!