What Is The Best Time to Stay in Istanbul


As Istanbul city is getting more famous around the world, people started to ask what time is the best to stay in the city. When should I visit the city, and does it really make any difference to visit Istanbul during a specific period?

Well, in this article you will find the answers to all your questions.


First of all, visiting Istanbul city is a thing that is always good and makes you feel happy but sometimes people expect some specific things that they can’t find because of wrong time.

From the end of October to the end of January, the general weather is cold and the sun does not show  its light except for a few days or hours. Thus, during these cold months do not expect to have an unforgettable walking trip around the city, it still exists but not as fun as summer days because the weather is windy and rainy most of the time.

So what can a person do during these cold months?

Of course, visiting Istanbul during winter and Autumn is not a bad decision because you can still do a lot of things and have a lot of fun.

You can visit art museums like Salt Galata museum, or you can visit ancient Ottoman palaces like Topkapi palace or Dolmabahçe palace and spend some time between the old doors and walls that have witnessed a lot of stories through more than 500 years. You can also visit old historical markets like the famous Grand Bazaar or the famous Spice bazaar where you can literally find everything you would want, and if you are a fan of food and love your stomach you can have a food trip to restaurants and cafes that offer traditional and international food especially grilled meat and fish, you will love them.



from the beginning of March to the beginning of October, the weather is cool and sunny except for August when it is very hot. These months gather spring and summer and it is good advice to stay for a couple of weeks in the city during these months. You can walk around the city as long as you want under the sunny sky and visit many open places like the Sultan Ahmet square which is fabulous during summer time or Eminonu Square where you can eat fresh grilled fish sandwich.

During summer, you can visit districts, villages, and cities around Istanbul to have extra fun experiences, you can visit Cappadocia city and enjoy the colorful balloons and ride one of them or ride a horse between the famous chimneys of the city. If you do not want to go far away from Istanbul city, you can visit Sile and Masukiye districts to spend your time with your partner or friend at one of the most beautiful nature spots in the world. It is really important to taste the food there because it is fresh and delicious. Another destination that might be interesting for you is Borsa city, where you can use the Teleferik to go up the mountain uludag and enjoy the cold weather there and break the heat of summer.

if you are not planning to leave Istanbul city at all but you still want to have fun out of museums and restaurants, you can join one of the festivals like Chill Out Festival, International Jazz Festival, or the International Film Festival. Or simply, go to the Princes Islands and spend a couple of days there, the weather there is amazing and the island is not crowded like the heart of Istanbul city. Cars are not allowed there, you can use horses or small electrical bicycles, it will be a great experience for you there especially when you have a walk between the colorful trees at the top of the hill.

Overall, Istanbul city is fun to visit at any time because whenever you come, you will find a lot of activities to do but to be specific, during winter and autumn months you are more likely to spend time in doors more than outside. While during spring and summer months, you can do more activities as the weather becomes cooler and better to have a walk, swim, and stay out until late hours.

It is important to know that August is a very hot and sticky month so if you are not used to such weather, it will be kind of annoying for you.

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