Visit Istanbul Alone

Visit Istanbul alone and safe

You booked your hotel room; bought your flight ticket and you are more than excited to be visiting Istanbul alone that you could just pack up and leave now even though your trip is months ahead. You can’t stop talking about your dream trip to those around you, but wait, why are they reacting so negatively, warning you to be careful in Istanbul if you are going to be traveling on your own? It is not even your first time traveling abroad alone. So, what is going on?

Nothing! We can assure you that Istanbul is just as safe as another European city. But then, you might be asking yourself, why is everyone reacting this way?

Well, there is a lot of badmouthing going on about Istanbul but when you stop to ask if they have ever visited the city, it usually turns out that those who badmouth about the city have never set foot on it, and only heard stories from others.

Be aware of scammers

That does not mean that Istanbul is all roses and sunshine. The city has its fair share of scammers and dangerous neighborhoods. But most of the time, taking the usual precautions just like anywhere else is enough to have a pleasant experience in Istanbul. Keeping away from dark, lonely alleys, carrying a phone with an internet connection, and making sure not to carry valuables is important.

Watch out for dishonest taxi drivers

Istanbul is especially notorious with its taxi drivers. If you don’t know a word of Turkish, nor anything about the city, taxi drivers may easily drive you around before dropping you at your destination, charging you double or triple the fare.

Get professional support to plan your Istanbul trip

If you want to have a comfortable Istanbul trip, yet you don’t want to be stuck with those boring group tours that overpriced travel agencies arrange, you will love the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Unlike the usual travel agencies and their boring, fix group tours, Istanbul Tourist Pass allows you to independently discover the city on your own timeline, with your preferred sightseeing, giving you the flexibility and the comfort you are looking for!

Take Advantage of Istanbul Tourist Pass

Istanbul Tourist Pass is a pass that covers the entrance to the most important, must-see attractions that the city offers through one digital code and one-time payment. That means you don’t need to go around looking for tickets to every single attraction you want to visit, waiting in lines hours.

The pass not only offers you entry to attractions, but it also allows you to have your personal assistance in your pocket, that is available to answer your questions and help you with anything you may need. If you have an urgency you can always reach out to the Istanbul Tourist Pass team and you will be guided over WhatsApp (every day from 09:00 to 18:00).

The pass includes a three-day unlimited internet connection in Turkey giving you access to many apps as well as Google Maps to track your location and help you find your way around the confusing streets of Istanbul easily for extra safety and caution.

Let’s Do This!

All in all, traveling in Istanbul is as safe as traveling anywhere else if you take the necessary precautions. But if you are looking for a completely safe experience that still allows you to be flexible enough to plan your own trip according to your timeline and as wallet-friendly, time efficient, and convenient as possible, you will love the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Planning your trip before coming to Istanbul gives you a great advantage. Thanks to a good plan, you will be able to visit the most important points of the city in a short time. Having more than 20 years of experience in the sector, is proud to be the biggest supporter of travelers who prefer to Istanbul via mobile application support and ease of payment by credit card.

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