Villa Bosphorus

Istanbul city is famous for many things. The breathtaking natural sight, the ancient historical places, the ancient palaces, the rich culture, and the delicious food. All of the people who visit the city fall in love with the food whether it is Turkish or foreign and you can actually see that when walking beside restaurants in touristic districts and neighborhoods. Most of the tourists tend to go to a restaurant where to eat and enjoy the atmosphere with a beautiful view over the natural sights in Istanbul, such restaurants can be found in many districts and neighborhoods like Ortakoy, Sirkeci, Eminonu, Eyup Sultan and many other areas where you can find many interesting restaurants but if you are looking for the best thenn, you must check the Villa Bosphorus Restaurants and here is why…



The Villa Bosphorus Restaurant is located in Uskudar District, Beylerbeyi neighborhood. Right next to the Bosphorus with a view over the lightened Bosphorus bridge.

The very unique feature about Villa Bosphorus restaurant is the view of the Bosphorus where water shades from green to blue and shine under the sunlight. The restaurant is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants in Istanbul and it can hold up to 300 people at one time eating their food comfortably.

The Villa Bosphorus restaurant is famous for the fish plates it makes and it is considered one of the few restaurants that serve very delicious fish. Its menu contains more than 40 fish plates whether grilled, cooked, or fried. Plates like Red Mullet fish or John Dory can be found at only a few restaurants and the Villa Bosphorus is one of them. Most importantly, the Villa Bosphorus restaurant always serves fresh fish. In fact, you can never find old fish served at this restaurant, not to mention the absolutely wonderful decoration of the plates.

Another thing that Villa Bosphorus restaurant is famous for are the appetizers. For cold appetizers, the octopus salad is the best choice to start with while for hot appetizers, both grilled and fried calamari are the best to start with. Still, you can find a lot of appetizers that will definitely be more than enough to make you happy because the Bosphorus Villa restaurant is famous for serving delicious appetizers.


If you are a fan of wine then you will be very happy at the Villa Bosphorus restaurant, this is because of the fine wine it serves that some of them are made by the restaurant itself and some of them are brought from outside but in any case, you will be drinking the finest wine in your life. The Villa Bosphorus administration always makes sure to serve its customers with the best options. Thus, the Villa Bosphorus restaurant has a very well reputation and a lot of magazines and newspapers actually write articles and reviews about it.


Great, is it expensive to have a dinner there?

Well, when having dinner at such a luxurious restaurant with one of the world’s most astonishing natural sights you definitely pay more than usual. Still, the Villa Bosphorus restaurant is considered less expensive than other luxurious restaurant and this is another reason why everyone tends to go to this restaurant. You can have your delicious food while enjoying the beautiful view of the bosphorus and pay a reasonable price compared to the provided luxury services.

So how can i reach this restaurant?

The Villa Bosphorus restaurant is located in Uskudar District, Beylerbeyi neighborhood. If you are staying on the European side of Istanbul, you can use the Metrobus line toward the Asian side and get off in Altunizade station then take a taxi to the restaurant, or you can take the ferry from Eminonu ferry station toward beylerbeyi station and walk for two minutes.

If you are staying on the Asian side of Istanbul city, you can use one of the busses that reach BeylerBeyi bus station and then walk for three to four minutes, the restaurant is very close to the bus station.
If you have a car then you can use it to go across the Bosphorus bridge if you are staying on the European side of Istanbul city.

Despite that a lot of luxurious restaurants are available around the Bosphorus and serve very delicious food and offer very beautiful and charming views over the Bosphorus but, the Villa Bosphorus restaurant has been able to prove itself among the famous restaurants with its great service, delicious food, and relatively cheaper price.

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