How about a bubbly Turkish coffee?


The coffee plant was brought to the Arabic Peninsula by merchants coming from Ethiopia in the 10th century. Its first use that is similar to the current is seen in around the Mocha city in Yemen in the form of “drinking coffee juice”. Those who used the coffee in roasted form first have been the Turks. Traditions reigning for hundreds of years are effective on the whole process ranging from cooking to the service of the Turkish coffee that is produced by means of milling the Arabica-type high-quality coffee beans.

This special hot drink is brewed in special pots called “cezve”. The tastiest Turkish coffee is brewed gradually in copper coffeepot over low flame. The Turkish coffee with great flavor and taste is served in petty cups accompanied with one glass of water. For many Turkish people, nothing can take the place of abundantly bubbled Turkish coffee.

Our ancestors already emphasize it by expressing “A cup of coffee has a memory of forty years!”

A Peculiar and Unique Taste: Turkish Delight


Among the leading foods well known as a traditional Turkish flavor in all over the world and offered to guests comes the Turkish delight. Starch and sugar solution constitutes the raw material of this traditional sweet especially preferred for offering to guests. It is rendered more attractive by integrating supplements such as almond, pistachio nut, hazelnut, cream and rose. Turkish delight stands are ranked high among the foods offered to the guests.

The history of Turkish delight dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. It was initially made of grape molasses and honey and then refined sugar in the midst of the 18th century.

Well-Steeped Tea Delight in Thin Elegant Glass


Turkey is one of the biggest tea producers in the world. Tea comes second after water among beverages that are highly consumed throughout the country. The Turkish people have their breakfast in the morning in accompaniment with tea. Showing variation from country to country, the tea culture has acquired a peculiar nature over years in Turkey. Tea is brewed in a special cooking appliance called “çaydanlık” (teakettle) and this process is called as “çay demleme” (steeping)”.

Anyhow, the vital spot of brewing tea in Turkish style lies in this “steeping” process. After the water put into the lower section of the teakettle that is composed of two parts boils, it is added over tea preliminarily put in the upper part, the teapot. The flame is reduced and the tea is allowed to steeping. After well-steeping over light flame, the tea is served in thin elegant glasses.

As Turkish tea has an influential taste and effect like the Turkish coffee, again thinner glasses are preferred for service.