The weather in Istanbul


Everyone traveling to Istanbul asks about its weather and what is the best time to visit this city. Well, except for a couple of months Istanbul city is a good choice to visit nearly at any time through the year because no matter what season of the year it is, you can always find your way in and enjoy your time.


You are completely right to ask about the weather before visiting because getting caught off by the weather is not a prefered or pleasant thing to happen. So here are some explanations about the weather in Istanbul city.


Istanbul city is surrounded by seawater from the north and the south in addition to the lakes and rivers inside the city so you would expect a mediterian climate of the coastal area like southern of Spain or Italy and it is true but still, Istanbul city is exposed to northern currents without any terrain protection. Thus, you will find both mediterian and mainland climates.


The winter in Istanbul city generally is not harsh and it is rare for the temperature to get below zero but the cold sensation comes from the hard wind which carries small light drops of dew that might be annoying for some people. Although snow appears every year caused by storms and violent currents coming from Russian but it is unlikely for snow to last or to cause closed roads. Most of the winter days the sun is unlikely to appear and the clouds are covering the sky of the city which cause rains that are sometimes heavy ones. In general, the hardest months of winter in Istanbul are December and January when there is a lot of rain and clouds, and the temperature is 8-10 degrees in Average. The weather in the rest of the winter months witness typical winter climate when sun appears more often and wind becomes less harsh.


Spring is absolutely the best time to visit Istanbul city, and the most lovable months of it are April and May when the heat is warm and the wind is soft and cool, and the city becomes full of colorful flowers and trees specially Tulip flowers that form w beautiful colorful scene in Gulhane Park next to Sultanahmet Square. March some years suffers from the backlash of the winter but its last 10 days are absolutely calm, while for June, the days are long, the temperature is not hot, and the wind is refreshing so you can book yourself a hotel in Istanbul for a week during June to visit beaches and lakes, you can also visit cities in the South of Turkey like Fathiye where swimming season starts early.


Summer in Istanbul city is generally hot and reaches its hottest temperature in August, alos it is muggy because of the humidity caused by seawater around the city and lakes in the city.

The days of summers are long and the temperature exceeds 30 degrees sometimes exceeds 40 but it is not annoying compared to humidity that makes you feel wet and sticky all the time. When September comes, the temperature starts to cool down by the refreshing wind and this is what makes September a special month, it is sunny, and cool just like June or May. you can book yourself a hotel in Izmir city or in Princes Islands to visit the beaches and swim because September is a good month to do such an activity, and if you are a fan of hiking then September is the best time for you because the cool weather with warm heat and green nature spread everywhere will add a touch to your experience. By the beginning of October, Autumn starts and the streets will be full of yellow, red, and brown leaves falling from the trees. There are some rains and wind but not cold like winter so you will not need to stay at the hotel.

The existence of Black sea in the North and Marmara sea in the South makes weather in Istanbul very changeable and you can feel that everyday and such a thing is known about Istanbul for locals. you will be wearing a jacket or a coat to warm yourself on a windy cold day and next thing you know is the sun coming out and you start to take off your jacket.


In general, if you want to visit Istanbul in a cool refreshing time go for April, May, and June. if you are looking for sites visiting and nature trips go for summer months. Autumn and winter are good for you to explore city’s restaurants, museums, and closed facilities

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