Shopping Malls in Istanbul


Istanbul’s is one of the world’s fashion destinations, the city made its mark in the fashion world.

Due to its wide collection of products, and reasonable prices, it is a must for tourists to buy clothes from Istanbul.


Zorlu Center


This shopping mall is one of the best malls in the city, it is considered one of the most luxurious malls, it has a wide selection of brands, both international and local. One of the main attractions in this mall is the 2-storey Apple store that has the latest technology and an urban design consists of all glass store. In addition, the restaurants in the mall are fascinating to dine at, the mall even has one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul, as well as the best theme park that has a lot of games for your children to have an enjoyable time.

The cinema in the mall has a beautiful design and offers all 3D movies in Cinemaximum. The shopping center has a theater where famous singers come to have their concerts there, so you might want to pay attention to the advertisement panels to know the date for some of them.

The mall is located in the European side of Istanbul in Besiktas district, it is close to the Metro Bus and you can also reach the mall by metro through Gayreteppe station.


Istinye Park


The mall is designed with high level of class and it is pretty famous in the city, the mall has more than 300 shops ranging from local and the best European brands all located in a 4-storey complex. Just like Zorlu center, the place is highly luxurious and have the best restaurants from Eastern to Western and have a big entertainment center for kids. The best thing and attraction is a restaurant called Nusr Et which is pretty famous for its steak and grilled menu.

Mall of Istanbul


This mall has a quite the reputation amongst the tourists since it offers a lot of things for its customers, it made its mark as an important attraction and it is in fact the meeting point for many Arabs and foreign tourists. It has one of the best brands and amazing prices that get you want to buy more and more every time you spend the day there.

The complex of the mall has 7 towers, 4 of them are residential towers, and one is office tower, and a large building for hotel units, and a huge shopping mall. The 350 shops capacity of the mall offers an amazing shopping experience, the mall has the largest indoor amusement park for entertainment. The horror house adds an additional fun for many people alongside the race track. The mall is in BasakSehir district.


Venezia Mega Outlet


This outlet is as amazing as it sounds, yes it is called venezia because the architecture is designed just like the city of Venice in Italy. The shopping center attracts many tourists with its 2000 apartments and the 4-star hotel, in addition to the numberless shops that are located in the complex. Many brands are located there like sports brand, and many other famous international brands. The boats over there offer a wonderful tour and an amazing spot for taking pictures, this will definitely take your shopping experience up to the next level.


The malls in Istanbul are numberless and have an amazing facilitates for everyone. Many shopping malls have an outstanding urban architecture that go with the urban life in Istanbul. All the shopping malls have entertainment centers for the kids and family, in addition that every mall have a unique thing that make it so special and different than the others. If you want to check out all these malls, then you might take a couple of your days just for shopping and experiencing these malls, since each one of them is worth taking all the time it needs to have the ultimate experience.

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