Shopping in the Spice Bazaar


The Spice Bazaar is located in a district where magic happens, the Eminonu district, it is located near to Beyoglu district and it is considered an important port, and has the best view over the golden horn, it is actually considered a must visit to many tourists since the trip to Istanbul is not completed until you experience this district.


History of the Spice Bazaar

spice-bazaar-istanbul-shoppingThe construction design was made in 1660 by court architects Koca Kasim Aga and Mustafa Aga, and the construction of the mosque of the bazaar has been completed in 1665 and with it, the construction of the bazaar in the same year. The spice bazaar has a capacity of 85 shops, many of these shops were mainly selling spices, and others were selling Turkish delights, Jewelry and souvenirs.


What to Buy and What to Do in the Bazaar?


Mainly, the opening hours of the bazaar are from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM every day except the religious and public holidays of Turkey.

For the products to the buy you have plenty but first we will talk about the spices, the spices that are a must to buy from the bazaar are as follows:

Pul Biber: these spices are the main ingredients for many Turkish dishes, it has different levels of spiciness so it is for the better that you taste before you buy them.

Nar Eksisi: this syrup is mainly made from pomegranate and it is another main ingredient for the Turkish Cuisine, it usually used with salads to make it much tastier and sweet.

Sumac: the sumac is a colored spice made from wild Rhus Coriaria bush berries, use these tasteful spices in the salad or you may put it on some of the vegetables as well.

The Spice Bazaar does not just offer the best spices, but it also has one of the best Turkish Delights to buy, the delights come in different colors and tastes.

When you are in the Spice Bazaar, it is a must that you visit one of the greatest landmarks inside the bazaar, which is the Mehmet Efendi coffee brewery, it is one of the oldest coffee brewery in town and it made its mark in the coffee world in Turkey, the brewery is located inside the bazaar and locals and tourists wait in a queue to get freshly brewed beans, if you want to, you may have a cup of coffee while seeing the staff working and brewing the coffee beans through the glass.

The area around the bazaar is pretty magical, since it has the best atmosphere alongside the Golden Horn, and one of the best fish bazaars and restaurants there is, you may eat fish at the bridge where you have the freshest fish on the market with the calming atmosphere the district provides.

Once you are finished with the bazaar you may continue your way uphill to the Suleymaniye Mosque, another important and historic monument for the Istanbul built by Sultan Suleyman to ensure hi reign over the city. Later on, if there is enough time, you can continue your way to the neighboring Beyoglu district which is little walk away from Eminonu, the Beyoglu district offer another interesting activities and Galata Tower is a must to visit, if you already did so, then you may ride the tram station to the Sultan Ahmet District to learn more about the history of the Ottomans in the area and know the impact they made on both economic and architectural marks of Istanbul.


The Spice Bazaar is one of the main attractions in Istanbul that tourists are eager to learn more about and shop it, the bazaar is pretty famous for its spice collection alongside its mesmerizing port of Eminonu which provide a way for the Asian Side of Istanbul and its tram station reaches the Grand Bazaar and Sultan Ahmet district.

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