Seasons and weather in Istanbul

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All of the people aiming to travel to Istanbul usually ask about its weather and what is the best time to visit this city. Well, except for a three months Istanbul city is probably the best choice to visit nearly at any time of the year because no matter what season of the year it is, you can always find facilities to enjoy and have a good time.

After all, some people plan to visit the city during summer time, while others think that it is better to spend time in the city during winter because it is usually not crowded. Both cases, the weather of Istanbul city will not stop you from having an exciting experience.


For a more clear explanation, we will separate the seasons of Istanbul into two parts:



From the end of October to the beginning of February. During these months and as autumn starts, the weather in Istanbul becomes colder day by day and the city becomes less crowded as tourists get back to their homes for school season even locals tend to get back to their houses earlier than usual because of the cold weather.

During October and November, the weather is usually windy and rainy due to the very cold storms and violent currents that come from Russia and Eastern European countries. By the beginning of October and to the end of February, the weather becomes more rainy with a slight chance of snow, it is not likely to snow a lot in Istanbul but still there might be some snow with rain during January.

Would such weather prevent you from having fun?
Absolutely not, you can still enjoy visiting ancient palaces like Dolmabahce palace, historical museums like Hagia Sohpia, famous historical markets like the Grand Bazaar, and taste Turkish traditional food and desserts, and you can still walk around the city but with a jacket on top of you but most probably, you will not be able to visit the famous princes islands or all of the natural places like Kemerburgaz forest.



from the beginning of February to the end of October. During these months the weather in Istanbul city becomes cooler day by day and temperature keeps rising until it finally hit 35 degrees. By the beginning of February the cold temperature starts to change slowly and the colorful flowers on trees show up announcing the arrival of spring season. It is really good advice to visit Istanbul during spring because you will see the city in a whole different situation. Green trees, colorful Tulips, and beautiful birds are literally spread all over the city especially when the famous Tulip Festival begins and Istanbul smells like a big garden.

By the beginning of April, the temperature rises even more to break the borders of 30 degrees announcing the arrival of the summer season. During these months, Istanbul starts to welcome more tourists and visitors from all over the world and both locals and foreigners start to show up walking on the streets of the city. You can go to the parks to spend time there playing and grilling meat, or you can visit natural sites near the city like şile and maşukiye where to break the heat of summer, or use one of the ferries to reach one of the famous Princes Islands to spend fun time and eat fresh grilled fish.

You can still visit museums and historical palaces but it is more fun to do some out-doors activities during summer in Istanbul and there are plenty of activities to join you are not limited to walking and eating.


When August comes, things start to be a little bit annoying in Istanbul city, this is because of the humidity that usually is on its highest degrees. The weather starts to be sticky and sweaty more than other months. Thus, both locals and foreigners tend to travel to the villages near Istanbul or even other cities like Borsa city where you will absolutely enjoy the beautiful cool weather and use the Teleferik (chair lift) to reach the top of mountain Uludag and enjoy the cold weather to break the heat of August. You can also try the delicious famous “Iskender Kebap” which is the city’s traditional food. You can also go to Cappadocia city where you can find the famous colorful balloons and buy a ticket to ride have a ride in one of them, or visit the ancient underground city of Cappadocia that was founded very long time ago during the Byzantine Empire period.

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