Popular Districts of Istanbul: Ortaköy

Standing as one of the central platforms where both shopping, snacking and entertainment activities are concentrated.

Ortaköy is a residential area that has attracted attention since the distant past. Employed as a resort for sultans during the Ottoman period, the district hosts significant historical assets such as the Çırağan PalaceOrtaköy Mosque, Kabataş Private High School for Boys and Esma Hatun Seaside Mansion.

Resembling both a small center of daily life and a coastal borough, Ortaköy is one of the must see places for everyone visiting Istanbul. It presents you an adorable view along with its square and streets paved with rough cobblestone, the historical Ortaköy Mosque just on the coast and the majestic Bosphorus Bridge just to the left of the district. In various cafes standing on both the coastline and on cute cross streets on which the Ortaköy Bazaar is situated, drinking traditional Turkish coffee and tea accompanied with smoking nargile has a distinctive delight. You can find bars and night clubs appealing to every delight and price range.

However, the foremost characteristic of this district is the Ortaköy Bazaar. When you step into the bazaar, you will find hundreds of small and large stalls lined up side by side, where you can find original and attractive items such as hats, authentic garments, alternative bags, hand-crafted jewelry, watches, every kind of silverware, picture frames, trinkets, key holders, cups, vases, lampshades, and leather garments. In the bazaar anyone following fashion or alternative styles can find something appealing. Even fortune-tellers, reading their tarot cards, are present.

Are you hungry? Then you can have baked potatoes, waffle and home-made pancakes at cute huts lined up side by side just to the left of the bazaar. Or you can snack on appetizers at one of the restaurants that you can come across at every step in the bazaar. Or you can also find home-made special Turkish dishes or meals.

Residents of Istanbul rush at weekends to Ortaköy to enjoy the Bosphorus, shop in the mornings and to have fun at nights. If you prefer visiting the district at an quiet time to enjoy its texture and air better, we recommend you to have breakfast at one of the cafes in the morning during weekdays and luxuriate in viewing the square and splendid silhouette of the Bosphorus.

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