Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Istanbul


As Istanbul city became famous all over the world in terms of tourism, culture, and trade. The city also started to get more famous in the health and medical field.

Lately, the demand of plastic surgeries has increased remarkably for both who are in need for plastic surgeries a treatment or for people who only want to change their appearances but having a plastic surgery is not an easy decision to take, a person should search for many good hospitals and doctors before choosing one and get full information about Post-operative complications.

Due to the improved technology that is dominant in the health field in Turkey, people from all over the world started to have their plastic surgeries in Istanbul’s hospitals, especially that it is less expensive than other countries and feature the same European health standards. Thus, surgeries like hair transplant, body plastics surgeries, facial plastic surgeries, and even teeth surgeries are now preferred to be done in one of Istanbul’s Hospitals.


If you are planning to have a plastic surgery soon, here are some of the most important hospitals in Istanbul city:


Medipol university Mega hospital:


The medipol university mega medical center is located in Levent district which is 12.7 Km away from the heart of the city. This medical center is considered one of the most important medical centers in Istanbul because of the high quality service it offers and new equipment used in surgeries. Not to mention that all of the cases done at this center were successful.

Medipol University Mega Hospital is most famous for hair transplant, and body plastic surgery and compared to other hospitals, it is not very expensive.

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital:


Medicana international hospital and health center is located in Levent district which is 12.7 KM away from the heart of the city (around 30 minutes). This center is famous for hair transplant surgeries and facial plastic surgeries. The team of doctors in this health center is very professional. Besides, the health center itself offers very comfortable facilities that suit all patients.

Medicana international hospital and health center is not very expensive but still, more expensive than other hospitals.


Yeditepe University Hospital:

In general, Yeditepe university is considered one of the most successful universities in health and medical fields. Thus, its main hospital and health center is absolutely recommended for you especially if you are aiming for having a plastic surgery.
It is located in Levent district 11.7 KM away from the heart of Istanbul city. With its new equipment and highly qualified doctors, Yeditepe university hospital performs 180 processes in 28 different departments which is considered a respectful number in the health field thus, be sure that you will be more than other health centers and hospitals.

Clinicana Hair Transplant Center:


Clinicana hair transplant center is located inside Acibadem hospital which is owned by Acibadem university. This center is one of the most successful hair transplant centers in Istanbul and the doctors supervising surgeries are among the most professional doctors.

The center is located in Levent district which is 3.7 KM away from the heart of the city.
In general, hair transplant fees are not expensive in Turkey, this is why everyone from all over the world especially European countries have their surgeries in Istanbul.



Clinic Experts:


Clinic experts are the biggest health care center in Istanbul. Originally, the company is an official agent of the best hospitals in Istanbul city, they also offer to book the patient a surgery to be done by their own doctors. This center is most famous for hair transplant and plastic surgeries and the most important thing about them is that the prices you pay through them are less than if you go directly to the hospital because they are the most powerful agent in Istanbul.


Mardini clinic:


If you are willing to get a Hollywood smile or do a surgery in your teeth, then Mardini clinic is the best option for you. This clinic is owned by the famous dentist Ali Mardini who has done many surgeries for many celebrities of the Middle East and Turkey. Mardini clinic is located in Beyoglu district in Taksim Square, and compared to other clinics it is less expensive but more professional.


More and more options for having plastic surgery, hair transplant surgery, or a Hollywood smile in Istanbul. You can find many agents, hospitals, and health centers but most importantly, always consult your doctor before doing anything and also, consult the doctor who is going to do the surgery before doing it.

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