Oriental and Distinct Features of Spice Market

Oriental and Distinct Features of Spice Market



Spice Bazaar building being established in 1664 as a part of the New Mosque (¨Yeni Cami¨ in Turkish) served as the last stop for the camel caravans going through the Silk Road. The woven fabric, silk, various herbs and spices brought from China, India and Persia were being distributed and traded to the Western World from this point. Therefore, Spice Bazaar is worth visiting both for its historical value and still vivid oriental atmosphere.

For visitors, Spice Bazaar’s working hours allow flexibility in arranging early morning, midday or afternoon tours. What time does Spice Bazaar open is a question to be answered by the opening time of the most shops and stalls. The building opens at 8 o’clock in the morning though the shops may start the day at varying hours depending on a working day or a busier weekend. Exceptionally, it accepts visitors after 09:30 on Sundays. Spice Bazaar closes at 19:30 every day excluding public holidays when the construction is closed for tours.

Feel the Rhythm of Spice Bazaar

Travelers eager to seize the timeless atmosphere of the Old Town are strongly recommended to take a tour in Grand Bazaar and Spice Market Istanbul in order to experience some authentic marketing and sales tasks. Spice Market is sometimes called Egyptian Market with a connotation to its historical and commercial function linked to Eastern spices. As they are usually compared, there are a lot of similar and distinct features of Spice Bazaar vs. Grand Bazaar. First of all, Grand Bazaar is a huge covered building with a fascinating architecture though Spice Bazaar is relatively smaller in size and easier to go around. Shopping is done indoors at the former while Spice Market lets shoppers enjoy their favorites both at indoor and outdoor stalls. You can start to discover handmade jewelry and uniquely designed carpets at Grand Bazaar and go towards Spice Bazaar to find out more local and less expensive goods of variety.

It is usually asked by travelers how to get to Spice Bazaar Istanbul. In fact, it is situated in one of the busiest hubs called Eminönü. The market is just behind the New Mosque which fascinates the viewers with its magnificence and central location on Eminönü Square, opposite the Galata Bridge. The underpass makes the transfer from Spice Bazaar to Galata Bridge so easy that you can feel the rhythm created by local people, salesmen, tourist groups as well as seabirds and pigeons reflecting the Square’s heartbeat. After your tour here, you can take the tram near Spice Bazaar to Blue Mosque and keep your route towards the imperial zone of Ottoman reminiscence. You can end up the day on the Night at Istanbul Tour to try local eating habits including grilled barbecue and kebab delicacies at Ocakbaşı Restuarant near the Blue Mosque.

Shopping and Travelling Tips at Spice Bazaar

Another important point taking curiosity is what to buy in the Spice Bazaar Istanbul. The name is usually associated with spices, herbs, and sweets but not limited to food only. Travelers willing to buy very authentic souvenirs like wooden Turkish houses, handmade textiles and even leather bags find what they look for around this popular area. Certainly, it is the right place for selecting the original, organic and fresh Anatolian flavors. Dried red pepper flakes from Şanlıurfa, sumac of Rhus Conaria bush and Turkish saffron from the Black Sea Region are as popular as pomegranate syrup and black cumin seeds in the market.

There are always offers from shop owners to experiment with the freshness of their goods. So, this is one of the Spice Bazaar tips to check and taste if you are interested in the specialties. The tip is usually helpful when your mind is confused up with the large variety of Turkish delight produced of different nuts and aromas. Here, you can buy high-quality Turkish coffee at almost 100-year-old coffee shops and you can go on with the Turkish Coffee Trail tour to learn how to brew perfect Turkish coffee.

Another Spice Bazaar shopping tip figures out the useful info about the healing effects of each spice and how to prepare herbal treatments for personal use. The most convenient way to choose what to buy in Spice Bazaar is to grab the herbal details given by your experienced guide on your Bosphorus and Golden Horn Tour.

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