Most Amazing Places For Events In Istanbul


Istanbul is a city with numerous benefits in addition to being a significant metropolis owing to the variety of economic, tourist, and medical activities that take place there. Istanbul’s worldwide significance stems from its position at a crossroads between two major continents, Europe and Asia, as well as its status as a developed metropolis with a vast infrastructure that has attracted many foreign investors. The majority of people are enthusiastic in promoting goods and participating in similar activities that take place at Istanbul’s fairs and exhibitions. Recently, it has been observed that exposition centers are very busy, and that people are highly interested in visiting them. The majority of people are unaware of where exposition centers are situated in Istanbul, how many exhibition centers are in the city, or how to get to these places. In today’s post, we’ll inform you about Istanbul’s most significant exhibition centers and where they’re situated. 


After TÜYAP Exposition Venue, CNR EXPO is Istanbul’s second most popular exhibition center. The center was extended with the inauguration of the second hall in 1997, the third and fourth halls in 1998, and halls 5,6,7, and 8 in 2000, after the exhibition first opened in 1985. The exposition center has a total size of 150,000 square meters, with a total open space of 120,000 square meters. It includes one indoor parking garage and two uncovered parking garages with a total capacity of 7,500 vehicles. Many people are interested in the exhibition’s varied activities, and it draws thousands of visitors each year who want to invest in Turkish goods of all sorts and varieties. 

CNR EXPO is situated in the Bakrköy District of Yeşilköy. The metro is an option for getting to the CNR EXPO. Take the metro to Ataturk Airport (the airport is now closed, but the region is still named Ataturk Airport) and get out at DTM-Istanbul Expo Center station to easily access CNR EXPO. 

 Istanbul Congress Center

The Istanbul Congress Center is one of Istanbul’s most important exposition centers. This exposition hosts a significant number of local and worldwide exhibits as well as major business events. The Istanbul Congress Center is an eight-story structure with a 120 thousand square meter floor space. Because of its prominent position in Istanbul, this facility drew a lot of attention. The Istanbul Congress Center is also one of Istanbul’s exposition centers, able to accommodate a huge number of people at once. 

The Istanbul Congress Center is situated in the Sisli neighborhood of Istanbul. By using the Taksim or Haciosman metro stations, you may easily reach the Istanbul Congress Center, which is situated between the Taksim and Nisantasi districts. By boarding any Taksim-bound bus, you may easily reach Istanbul Congress Center. 

TÜYAP Exhibition Center

TÜYAP Exposition and Congress Facility, was opened in 1996 in Istanbul, is an exhibition and conference center. The center includes a total of 60,000 square meters of enclosed space, 60,000 square meters of open display space, and 14 exhibition rooms. On September 14, 2020, the Turkish Standards Institute awarded TÜYAP Exhibition and Convention Center the COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate. 

TÜYAP Exposition Center is one of Istanbul’s most well-known exhibition venues. Because of the exhibition’s significance at the local and worldwide levels, many individuals, including Turkish and international investors, are very interested in participating in its activities.