Istanbul New Airport

As Istanbul city is considered one of the most famous cities in the world and as people from all over the world come on a regular basis, the airline movement has grown massively and the old Ataturk airport reached a point where it couldn’t operate efficiently and could not serve 107 million visitors a year. Thus, the Turkish government and Turkish Airlines institute has decided to move to a bigger airport.


Istanbul New Airport:

Located northwest of the city in Arnavutkoy district Istanbul new airport is one of the largest airports in the world if not the largest at all. It was opened on 29 October 2018 by the Turkish president Erdogan and started and the operations officially moved from Ataturk airport to the new one on 8 April 2019.

The new airport now handles over 90 million visitors which means 80% of the total visitors to Istanbul and will be able to serve 200 million visitors per year in the future because the construction is still on-going.


The new airport is constructed with a very unique and modern architectural design, when you enter it, you will definitely be amazed by the technology in it. The new airport has one terminal for domestic flights and four terminals for international flights two of them 4100 meters long and the other two are 3750 meters long. It is so large that planes actually need 10-15 minutes ride after landing to reach the point where passengers get off it, and passengers need to walk 15-20 minutes through the airport to reach the passport checking points but do not worry, if you are not in a mood to walk there are plenty of small cars to get you wherever you want.


The main hall of the airport is organized despite being big but you won’t be lost, even if you are lost you can find young guiders who wear shirt with “ask me” phrase written on it, these guys speak several languages and they work to help people inside the airport. The hall has tourism agencies, exchange offices, rent a car agencies, gift shops, many cafes and restaurants, kids playground, and small mosque and if you are not in the mood to stand in the lane to get your ticket you can get it through self-checking in points where you can print your ticket out through checking in machines and the most important thing is that it is safe because of the complicated security system that allows the police to put an eye on everyone inside and alarm them in case of breaking one of safety rules.

Where you check in and reach the duty free area, you will find yourself in a big hall where all clothing shops, jewellery shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants are around you in addition to the big free market that has all kinds of products to buy such as souvenirs, alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes and cosmetics, and many other products and compared to other airports it is not very expensive.


Despite that the new airport has filled a gap and served passengers in a better way but unfortunately, it has some negative sides.

For instance, the new airport is far away from the heart of Istanbul that you actually need 60-75 minutes to reach the heart of the city, so make sure to hit the road early when you are going to fly back to your country.

Still, there are no nearby hotels to stay in. the nearest hotels is located 45 minutes away but in general there is nothing around the hotel to visit or to do, so you won’t be bothered anyway from this thing.


Transportation from the airport to the heart or to any other place in Istanbul is not hard. Despite that the metro line to the airport has not been activated yet, but there are extremely comfortable big busses that are costumed to transfer people from the airport to literally any place in Istanbul and of course the opposite way around. They are so comfortable that you won’t feel tired sitting for an hour, and they are not expensive at all.

You can find these busses right outside the airport in a special place for them but if you do not prefer to ride a bus, you can always ask for a taxi or you can ask for a special ride to wherever you want to go. Of course, you will be paying more money but nothing more than a 30 to 35 US Dollar at maximum.

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