Istanbul lovers best advices for travellers

Thousands if not millions of people visit Istanbul city every year, some of them actually visit this beautiful city again and again and it is not weird to do that, because the city has so many activities to do, beautiful natural places to visit, historical amazing sites, and very fun time to spend. Thus, you are definitely visit this city over and over again but for having the best of your time without facing any disappointing situation, it is better to read this article.



Whether it is your first time or you fifteenth time, you should know the following information and advices:


Book a hotel near the heart of the city:


Istanbul city has literally hundreds of hotels spread all over the place. The majority of hotels in Istanbul are 4 stars hotels but even if you select a 3 stars hotel you will still enjoy the good services and clean rooms because it is a general rule for hotels to offer good services.

What is important is to choose the right location, try your best to stay in the heart of the city at SultanAhmet area, Beyazit, Sisli, or Beyoglu because most of the sites that you will be interested in are around these areas and neighborhoods. Still, it is not a problem if you book  a hotel in a different district or area but you will definitely lose some time to reach the famous places.


The best time to visit Istanbul:


To be honest, except for cold December and January or the very hot and sticky August, Istanbul city is always good and beautiful to visit and spend time in it but if you are looking for the best time at all, then it is April and May for sure. During these two months, the weather is perfect, the sun is warm, the sky is clear, and the air is cool, while for the activities, a lot of festivals happen during these two months like Tulip Festival or International Jazz Festival.

You can also visit the beautiful natural sites like the famous Princes Islands or Camlica Hill.



Istanbul new Airport:


Istanbul New Airport has officially opened it doors in 2019, it is one of the largest airport in the world and it can serve more than 200 million passengers a year, it has many services and facilities like galleries, shops, restaurants, cafes, mosque, kids playgrounds, and many other facilities but the negative thing about it is that it is far away from the heart of the city. It actually takes about 90minutes to reach the heart of Istanbul, so make sure to check out of your hotel early when you are leaving, not to miss your flight back home.


The transportation network of Istanbul city is considered one of the most connected and comfortable networks in Europe if not in the world, you can literally reach anywhere you want in Istanbul using Metro lines, Metrobus line, Tramway lines, and busses.

So do not count on taxis all the time because you are going to save much money when using transportation lines, not to mention the time that you are going to save because Metro lines, Tramway lines, and Metrobus lines have their own lanes and no cars or other vehicles gets in them.


Take a tour with one of the agencies:

It is better to join a tour every once in a while, sometimes you actually pay less than if you go on your own. Plus, you will be able to enjoy the tour without worrying about getting lost or losing time. You can also get the chance to hear stories and myths about the places your visiting, or do some activities with the group



Bosphorus tour:

Make sure to buy a ticket on one of the Bosphorus tour cruises to see the most famous monuments, ancient palaces, and the great Castle of Istanbul from the middle of the Bosphorus while drinking a delicious cup of Turkish tea.




Forget anything you heard or you know about Turkish food until you taste it, because you are going to taste one of the most delicious foods in the world.



Do not listen to people telling you “ it is not worth, don’t go”:

Istanbul is a very big city and has a lot of places to visit and see. You may like it or you may not, but at least you are the one who decides.

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