Istanbul’s First City Pass: Istanbul Tourist Pass

Offering everything you need through your Istanbul trip in an application, Istanbul Tourist Pass grants access to 35+ attractions and services in Istanbul, saving up to 75% off the regular ticket prices in Istanbul! This wide variety of attractions & services include must-see museums in Istanbul, dinner cruises, palaces, historical mosques, other important landmarks and even your airport transfers in Istanbul.

As Istanbul’s first tourist pass, Istanbul Tourist Pass offers comfort and a peaceful trip, while providing advantageous prices to enhance your visit to Istanbul.

If you want to experience an amazing cultural trip, or just want to take beautiful photographs of the iconic landmarks of Istanbul; Istanbul Tourist Pass will broaden your horizon!

So, Let’s dive into Istanbul Tourist Pass’s advantages!


What Does the Istanbul Tourist Pass Offer?

Istanbul Tourist Pass offers access to many must-visit locations in Istanbul. You can see the iconic mosques, watch amazing cultural shows and take astounding photographs. Among the attractions Istanbul Tourist Pass offers are a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus, the spiritually enlightening and hypnotizing show of the Whirling Dervishes, and of course guided tours at the iconic museums, palaces and mosques people around the world wishes to see, like the holy Hagia Sophia Mosque with its high detailed mosaics and The Topkapı Palace which holds great history. Istanbul Tourist Pass also includes a day trip to Bursa, a city 2 hours away from Istanbul with many landmarks: The more cities visited, the more cultures experienced.

Included in the Istanbul Tourist Pass, group tours with experienced guides at the most iconic museums of Istanbul will enlighten you with historical facts you’ve never heard before:

  • You will learn many things the Turkish culture can offer.
  • Moreover, you can skip waiting lists and lines with the planned group tours and therefore save a huge amount of time, especially at the most popular touristic places in Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce and Topkapi Palace where waiting lines can last almost up to an hour!

Since Istanbul Tourist Pass grants instant access to these great places, you can use your time in Istanbul in the most efficient way.

Who would not want to have a hot Turkish bath in their spare time, rather than waiting in ticket lines?

Just present your digital tourist pass at the entrance with no contact, and you are good to go. However, if you like exploring alone, you can tour on your own after entering the museums with your group. When you go back to your room to rest, our Travel Experts will be available via WhatsApp, to help you plan the remainder of your trip.

How Advantageous is the Istanbul Tourist Pass?

Istanbul Tourist Pass allows you to save more money, compared to travelling without the pass. If you decide to travel without the pass, you would pay a lot more than what you would pay. For example, if you were to travel Istanbul without the Pass, you would pay the price of your pass only for visiting Dolmabahce, Topkapi and watching the Dervishes. Yet, with the Pass, you can visit more than 30+ attractions with the price of only 3 attractions!


Is Istanbul Safe to Visit During Covid-19?

The events and activities that come with Istanbul Tourist Pass ensure that the safety standards are being adhered to in scope of Covid 19. There are many important precautions that are being taken to provide a safe and secure visit to Istanbul.

Covid-Safe Travel to Istanbul With Istanbul Tourist Pass!

Istanbul is a low-risk trip location compared to other places, and the travel experts take the measures very seriously. Social distancing is maintained at the museum tours, and masks are always mandatory during trips. The number of visitors at a given moment is limited. Moreover, as Istanbul Tourist Pass is completely digital, there is a lesser risk of transmission while registering or entering museums or palaces in Istanbul.


Order Your Istanbul Tourist Pass Online

Ordering your Istanbul Tourist Pass is very easy!

You can buy Istanbul Tourist Pass online without any physical contact or disturbance. Just decide how many days (2,3,5 or 7) you want to spend in Istanbul, choose your plan to determine what the Pass will cover, and you are good to go!

At the end of your visit, you can extend your Istanbul trip if you want to. As soon as you register, your information will be e-mailed to you. After that, you can use your digital card through the Istanbul Tourist Pass mobile app in order to enter museums, palaces, mosques and many more.

While finishing this article, we also would like to add some practical information about most popular questions about Istanbul Tourist Pass and Istanbul in order to support you to make the best of your Istanbul visit!

Q: What Are the Must-See Places of Istanbul?

A: The most iconic historical places of Istanbul include The Hagia Sophia Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Galata Tower, Topkapı Palace and many more.


Q: Where Is the Full List of Attractions Covered by Istanbul Tourist Pass?

A: You can explore attractions in Istanbul and learn more with Istanbul Tourist Pass! You will see over 35 popular attractions in Istanbul!


Q: Is There A Money-Back Guarantee for Istanbul Tourist Pass?

A: Yes. If you think that you would pay less without the Istanbul Tourist Pass at the end of your trip in Istanbul, then you can get your money back from the pass, but certainly, you will pay 75% more to the museums and trips provided without Istanbul Tourist Pass!


Q: What Are the Precautions for Covid19 In Istanbul?

A: Turkey is managing the Covid19 process extremely professional and in a safe way and there are many precautions to protect tourists and citizens.

HES Code, PCR Test requirements before traveling to Turkey, social distancing, obligation to wear a mask, limited visitors in touristic places for safety are only some of the important precautions that Turkey takes during Covid19.

Enjoy your vacation to Istanbul, Turkey with peace of mind and security, make the best of your time in Istanbul with Istanbul Tourist Pass!

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