İstanbul…. The capital city of the three empires .. the dream city …From the past to nowadays, it wouldnt be any exaggeration if we consider Istanbul as the most remarkable city in the world. Throughout the history , hundreds of wars , conflicts and problems arised just to add Istanbul into their own country lands,just because the desire to live in it.. Whole nations who has lived the lands of Istanbul left behind the unique art Works , cultural and historical accumulations of their own. Istanbul still remains its attraction on people thanks to its unique history which differentiate it from any other city in the world …


Unfortunatelly no matter how far we talk about Istanbul , it would never be enough for Istanbul to explain , describe and picture…Then let’s live it when we still have time to do so. How many days to spend in Istanbul ? Actually , an entire human being’s lifetime is even not enough to experience it because Istanbul always let their visitors meet with new features of itself.Each day offers you new thing to discover in Istanbul…Like we have mentioned , Istanbul hosted so many different culture ,religion , language in its excellent lands.Are you ready to meet cradle of civilizations ??For the one who has limited time to discover Istanbul , I will offer you 5 days guidance of Istanbul ..If you want to have a mixed tour I can strongly recommend you to check this out : Istanbul tourist pass : 35+ attractions&services. For the one wants to discover Istanbul step by step , keep reading my dear readers 😊



I am going to offer you a kind of tour guide which integrates natural and historical beauty of Istanbul according to districts.Everyone you are going to have chance to meet best part of Istanbul , every district will surprise you in different features of themselves.


First stop is Eminönü which includes both history and nature in it. If you are a type of person who does not prefer to discover by walking then Bıgbus Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour. By using tour , you can  only sit down and let your tour guide to introduce you to best part of Istanbul . Fort he travellers , things to do in Eminönü is as follows :

  • Visit Hagia Sophia , it is one of the most tourist attraction point of Istanbul. The visitors of Istanbul should visit Hagia Sophia before they leave but to see this beauty you need to wait in a line because as you can guess , everyone wants to see it 😊 Do not worry , I am offering you a Hagia Sophia Guided Tour which not only helps you to avoid from waiting in a line but also illuminate you with quite interesting informations about Hagia Sophia .


  • Spice Bazaar , is a place in which offers visitors to meet with both Turkish and Ottoman culture in terms of the various kind of colorful spices that has been used by people by decades. Thanks to visiting here , people can develop idea about the country they are visiting ,so many different selling strategies developed by the Spice Bazaar’s sellers are going to surprise you .You are going to catch change to experience the sincere atmosphere of Turkish people. One more advise for you : Do not forget the try Turkish delight 😊


  • Blue Mosque ,also known as Sultanahmet Mosque is one of the masterpieces of Ottoman Empire which deserves the visit and never let the visitors down . The harmony of art with Islam will inspire you .






Maiden’s Tower attract people both with its unique story of building and also the view of it. In order to witness this beauty there is a tour which you can discover and witness the story within the tower.Sound’s interesting right ? What are you waiting for ? Let’s apply to Maiden’s Tower Entrance &Transfer . After having this unique tour , you can have a tea or coffee at best places of Uskudar like : Lipa , Inciraltı Meyhanesi ,Maiden’s Tower Restaurant.


Istanbul, Cosmopolitan city

  • Galata Tower , offers its visitors an invaluable view of Istanbul from its balcony , not finished , also there are so many different kind of cafes are available for you and your friends to have a funny day acording to your mood . Antiochia Concept is one of the place where you can enjoy yourself. Neoclassic is another destination in which has challenge to inspire you . Here are other suggestions beautiful from each other :Ravouna 1906 , Galapera



  • Grand Bazaar , one of the tourist attraction point of Istanbul with the advantage of offering visitors to meet traditional and stylistic bazaar of Istanbul .Grand bazaar can be considered as the integration point of colourful Turkish history with the market , in other words it provides visitors to witness the history and also provide them chance to buy this history with small prices which recall them beautiful days of Istanbul.There is a tour for shoplovers ın



Çamlıca Hill , forget all the hills you have been to because you are about to meet the best one which offers you unique Bosphorus and Istanbul view . Moreover you can visit Dolmabahçe Palace with the combination of Çamlıca Hill tour by clicking here. In this part of Istanbul mostly adresses people who loves green , nature and natural beauty of Istanbul with best restaurants and cafes like :Dilruba Restaurant , Kukis

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