How Is The Current Situation Of Covid 19 In Istanbul?


Since the commencement of Covid 19, millions of individuals have been imprisoned in their homes. Many tourists are eagerly down the days till they may explore the globe again! The good news is that, as Covid19 immunization rates rise, and nations gradually open their borders, visitors are already arranging their trips! Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the safest places to travel during Covid 19. 

Turkey has handled the Covid19 procedure with utmost professionalism from its inception. Turkey was very cautious to prevent the virus from spreading significantly by enforcing regulations and isolating people. Turkey has begun to return to regular life in this manner since the beginning of March. 

Are Istanbul Hotels Open?

Of course, all hotels in Istanbul, Turkey are open and operating continually, and they are regularly checked by the Turkish Ministry of Health, as are sterilizing procedures. All public safety regulations pertaining to the reception of tourists and visitors wanting to stay in Istanbul and enjoy a wonderful Istanbul vacation in a safe environment are followed. You can explore the beautiful city with Bosphorus during your covid-safe stay.

Do I Have To Go Through Quarantine If I Travel To Turkey? 

No, you are not required to quarantine yourself at any institution while entering Turkey. Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, Turkey did not shut its doors to visitors who wanted to come, but it did take extensive preventative steps to safeguard passengers and residents. People visiting Istanbul, Turkey during Covid-19 must submit to a PCR test. The PCR test must be administered by an official approved location in your country. You may always stay up to date on the newest advancements in this field by visiting the websites of Turkey’s Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health, which are accessible in a variety of languages including Arabic, English, and Russian. 

Procedures to Follow Before Entering Turkey 

As previously stated, Turkey provides many advanced facilities with the least amount of effort, and in order to implement this policy, Turkey currently does not require people coming to its lands to undergo any tests upon arrival; it is sufficient to be subject to a prior PCR examination prior to your arrival from your country of residence and show it to the visa officers at the ai. However, you must consider the constant execution of personal safety measures and the application of social distance norms, as well as wearing masks and washing hands, which is unavoidable! 

Are there any flights to Turkey?

Certainly, all inbound planes to Turkey are operational and have not been disrupted throughout the epidemic. You can visit Turkey and leave through Istanbul Airport without problem. However, owing to compelling circumstances, certain flights from certain countries may be canceled, depending on the severity of the situations in those nations or because (for instance, Britain in the recent period has become a serious outbreak of cases of the new strain of Covid-19, and flights to and from Britain have been temporarily suspended). Despite this, all safety precautions are taken to ensure the safety and security of visitors who want to stay in Turkey permanently, and airlines are required to follow public safety regulations in order to maintain public safety.