Covid-Safe Life in Istanbul


The Turkish government has taken measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Istanbul, and further restrictions may be imposed at any moment. In Turkey, wearing a face mask outside the home is mandatory at all times. 

Curfews apply to Turkish citizens and residents. Curfews do not apply to foreign tourists in the country for short vacations or tourism. 

For local COVID-19 restrictions, Turkey’s government suggested a four-tiered system. Provinces are now categorized into four risk categories based on infection and vaccination rates: low (blue), medium (yellow), high (orange), and very high (red). Capacity limits on public transit are in place to ensure that passengers conform to social distancing standards. Turkish citizens and residents must get a HES (Hayat Eve Sar) number for international and internal travel, including aircraft, trains, and ferries. Non-Turkish citizens are unaffected. 

Safe Flight to Istanbul

Airlines have developed a set of guidelines to ensure safe flying. They advise using online check-in since it allows you to check in without having to deal with desks or kiosks at Istanbul’s airports. Separate panes are put on the countertops. Passengers are given a row number after boarding, and they depart in small groups as the plane lands. 

After each flight to Istanbul, planes are completely cleaned, and each aircraft’s ventilation system cleans the air with 99.97 percent efficiency. Before each flight, cabin crew is provided safety equipment and a hygiene specialist takes their and the passengers’ temperatures. There is a restriction to the amount of personal luggage that may be carried. In purses, only personal goods, tablets, and baby personal effects are allowed. The total height and weight are represented as 40*30*15 cm and 4 kg, respectively. Disinfectant dispensers may be located at many crossing points in Istanbul’s airports and historical sites, and thermal inspections are performed on a regular basis. It is essential to wear a mask and keep a social distance of 1.5 meters. 

Covid in Turkey

To summarize what we discussed previously, Turkey is a very safe country for tourism and travel, and all tourism events and activities are running continuously and have not been disrupted throughout the spread of Covid-19 in Turkey, but despite this, the rules of public safety and social distancing are strictly enforced, in order to ensure the safety of everyone, including tourists. So, if you wish to visit Turkey for tourism and have a nice time, you will find that Turkey is ready to welcome tourists in a safe and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, if you get Covid-19 while visiting Turkey, you will find institutions ready to welcome you and offer you with contemporary medical care. 

Is it necessary to get a tourist visa in order to go to Turkey? 

Turkey is a tourist destination center, and its  government and munincipality have taken all necessary steps to ensure that tourists arrive in Turkey without encountering any obstacles or difficulties, including the signing of numerous agreements with European, American, and Arab countries to facilitate access. There are many countries who do not require a tourist visa to visit Turkey. Even if they do, it is a very cheap travel destination and thus a first choice. Now is the time to visit Istanbul and see ancient sites such as the Dolmabahce Palace, the Galata Tower, and more!