Covid Free Istanbul Visit


Istanbul is one of the most accessible places for a vacation. If you’re thinking about visiting Istanbul during these rainy days, you’re undoubtedly wondering what precautions are taken to guarantee a safe journey. We can guarantee you that Istanbul is safe and that you will not be exposed to the coronavirus if you follow the necessary measures. 

Covid Measures in Turkey 

If you’re planning a vacation in Istanbul, you’re undoubtedly wondering what the precautions are. Following an increase in verified cases in Iran, Turkey began taking precautionary measures as early as February 24, 2020, by suspending foreign flights and installing temperature monitors at airports. Flights to other nations were suspended completely on March 15. Beginning March 16, schools and colleges were shuttered, and classes were taught remotely. On the sports front, matches were held behind closed doors until March 19, when they were rescheduled. Restaurants, bars, shops, gardens, and other places of public gathering, such as houses of religion, have all been closed. The 31 largest cities in Turkey were then subjected to a weekend and holiday curfew, as well as inter-city travel restrictions. After Ramadan, the whole nation was confined for three days for the holidays. 

Healthy Tourism Initiative 

Turkey has created a certification system based on 132 criteria to guarantee “stable tourism” based on the health and welfare of tourists and employees, as well as measures to be taken in companies and means of transportation to prevent the virus from spreading. These policies have had a beneficial impact on tourists visiting Istanbul, and the government has kept tourism alive by establishing tourist attractions in Istanbul like Hagia Sophia. 

Covid-Safe Istanbul Travel

Airlines have established a number of rules to guarantee safe flight. They advocate for online check-in since it allows you to check in at Istanbul airports without having to deal with counters or kiosks. On the countertops, separate panes are placed. After boarding, passengers are identified by row number, and they exit the aircraft in small groups when landing. 

Planes are thoroughly cleaned after each trip to Istanbul, and each aircraft’s ventilation system cleans the air at a 99.97 percent effectiveness. Cabin staff are equipped with safety gear, and a hygiene expert measures their temperature, as well as the temperature of passengers, prior to each flight. The quantity of personal baggage permitted is limited. Only personal items, tablets, and baby personal effects are permitted in purses. Disinfectant dispensers are placed at many crossing locations in Istanbul’s airports and historical sites, and thermal checks are conducted on a daily basis. Wearing a mask is required, as is maintaining a social distance. You can make sure that Istanbul Airport is clean throughout the day and night.

Public transport in Istanbul

Since June 1, the capacity of public transit has increased from 50% to 100%. Some of the areas may be equipped with disinfectant gel dispensers. Thermal cameras are installed at high-traffic metro stations to monitor the temperature of passengers. In Istanbul, the majority of cabs have plexiglass or plastic sheeting between the driver and the passengers. 

All of the events in Istanbul are corona-safe. In contrast to other nations, Istanbul is a low-risk vacation destination, and travel experts advise travelers to take extra measures. Social distance is maintained during museum visits in Istanbul, and masks are needed at all times. Because the number of visitors present at any one moment is limited, guided tours are more successful because you may ask your guide more questions in a smaller group. 

In general, Istanbul has handled the crisis well, with relatively few fatalities as a consequence of quick response and the city’s wealth of hospitals and beds. As a result, you may visit your favorite Istanbul attractions.