Beylerbeyi Mosque


Located on the Anatolian Side near the Beylerbeyi Pier, this mosque was commissioned by Sultan Abdülhamid in 1778.

It is located on the Anatolian/ Asian side of the Boshporus near Beylerbeyi Pier, by the seaside. It was commissioned by Sultan Abdülhamid II in 1778 in memory of his mother Rabia Sultan. It is a work of Architect Tahir Ağa.

The mosque is baroque in style and is built of hewn stone. It is an edifice with 55 windows, two minarets and leveled with an octagonal ground. It has one dome and the area in front of the mihrab is covered with a semi-dome.

The interior is spiced with calligraphic artwork. The mosque treasures both Ottoman and European encaustic tile work. Within this framework, the mosque is like an exhibition of different cultures.

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