Best Way to Visit Istanbul


What is the best way to get the best out of your experience in Istanbul, a city where there are plenty of activities to catch and do. In fact, wherever you go In Istanbul you will find fun and joy in your journey. Let’s see what is the best way to visit the magical city.


Experience the old history of Istanbul

As you know, Istanbul has gone through many phases in history. many empires like the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and the Ottoman Empires shaped the history and architecture of Istanbul, which is the reason that many people are eager to know more about the stories that Istanbul has to give.

Firstly, it is highly recommend that you start your historical journey by visiting the Sultan Ahmet District, it is the most popular amongst the historical places in the city, in there, you will find the Hagia Sophia which is just like the city, has gone through many stages in the history, it was served as the Eastern Orthodox church during the Byzantine Empire, then it was converted to Roman Church after the fourth crusade, and turned to Orthodox again. Later when the Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror defeated the Byzantines and took over Constantinople in a historic Battle, he turned the Church into a mosque and since then it is served as a mosque before turning it into a museum to the public. Inside the cathedral you will find many relics and stories that will tell you about the stages of history to the district.

Beside the church, there is a huge mosque which called the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the mosque was built during the reign of the Ottomans and was one of the largest mosques back then, it was built to serve as an Imperial mosque to show the world the power of the Ottomans. People may go inside the mosque discover the magnificent architecture inside.

Alongside this district, you may also want to visit the Grand Bazaar which is one of the largest covered bazaars in the world, there you can buy and shop for many products, jewelry, clothes, and some nice, sweet Turkish delights.

When you are cruising around the Bosphorus, or even taking a walk in the old city, you will notice a number of castles scattered around the city, each castle has a different view over the Bosphorus and a different story to tell, don’t skip on the castles.

Take a nice cruise in the Bosphorus strait

A cruise in the Bosphorus does not sound like a cliché, because it is a must experience, most of the cruises in Istanbul offer the best time and atmosphere, alongside dinner shows , or even dance shows, which why tourists like to have to relieve their stress and forget about the tiredness and have a nice time.


Shop in the city of fashion


Istanbul has made its mark in the world’s fashion areas, with its variations of clothes, brand, and reasonable prices to the people. The shopping malls in Istanbul are a different story. Istanbul has one of the best modern shopping outlets there is to see, with each having the latest fashion and products. In addition to the fascinating modern architecture and atmosphere. The shopping malls attract many tourists around the world, each having the best prices that the people want. Venezia Outlet, Akasya Mall, Zorlu Center, and Mall of Istanbul are considered the best malls in the city.


Try the tasteful Turkish dishes and drinks

The food in Turkey as a whole made its mark also in the world, with a wide variation of dishes, from sweet to spicy. All the dishes are full of taste and joy. The famous dish in Turkey is the Kebab, which also have different types, Adana Kebab, Urfa Kebab, and many more. In general, the Turkish food is famous for its Kebabs and meatballs. The meat is cooked with a careful way, so it delivers the best taste to the customer.

The drinks on the other hand, are as good as the food, Turkish coffee and Turkish tea, are a must to have to get the Turkish experience and live like a local, and also, the famous Ayran which is one of the national drinks, is mostly served with food especially kebabs.


You will never get unsatisfied or bored when you are in Istanbul, the experience this city provides for its tourists is the best, and there many things to do and see here.

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