Istanbul is one of the most attractive and famous point of visit for tourists not only from all around the world but also within the board of Turkey itself.However , as we can understand from the beauty of the city one day of visit is not enough to recognize , discover and enjoy the city,it means that the visitors need more time to get in touch with the city.In this writing, I am going to suggest you the best locations to stay in Istanbul.In other words , this writing will be one of most useful the answer for the question of where to stay in Istanbul.I am going to share the locations with you according to districts.




Bakırköy is one of the most popular district of Istanbul which is located in the European side of Istanbul. Bakırkoy district offers its visitors and residentals to view of excellent Sea of Marmara. The population who lives in Bakirkoy is classified as middle class which makes it prefable location to stay thanks to its safe atmosphere and the location which lies the E-5 highway which allows easy transportation all around the Istanbul also Bakırkoy is so close to the visitable areas , that is the reason why it is one of the best option tos tay.Here is the one of the most beautiful hotels to stay : Çınar Hotel which offers 5 stars servic and  excellent view of Marmara Sea.The biggest alternative of Çınar Hotel is that it is located to the 20 minutes from to the city center.Another suggestion to stay in Istanbul is Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy Hotel with the excellent location and service offers by the hotel. Last suggestion in Bakırkoy is that The Time Hotel Marina which is a sweet boutique hotel located in the Bakırkoy and waiting for its visitors to serve its best .


Kadikoy is another favourite district of Istanbul which is located in the Asian side of Istanbul.Kadikoy is mostly preffered by the visitors who looks for lively atmosphere and city life from the close . Kadikoy has great buildings to discover and visit , then you can enjoy your day with the young population and lively atmosphere there.Bar Street is also one of the most popular point of meet in Kadıköy which hostes many kinds of bars , pubs and cafes there.Another alternatiive of Kadikoy is that it has a huge transportation hub , which allows you to visit wherever you want so easily with metrobus , Marmaray , ferry and buses.Then where to stay in KadikoyKadikoy Rıhtım Hotel is a good choice for the people who wants to wake up with the view of Haydarpaşa Station and excellent view of Marmara Sea.Another alternative to stay in Kadikoy is that Wyndram Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel which is ready to serve with its 5 stars . This great hotel is waiting for its visitors to amaze with its unique view of Marmara Sea.Kadikoy has another 5 stars hotel which is better than each other , for this time the name of it is that Doubletree by Hılton Istanbul – Moda. This hotel is taking attention to its visitors with the modern building of itself.It also has amazing and different kinds of facilities from massage rooms to fitness center.




The Galata Tower is a medieval stone tower in Istanbul, Turkey

Beyoglu is one of the most reflective district of Istanbul , it reflects the history better than any other district of Istanbul.If you want to discover and smell the history , you should choose Beyoglu as the staying locating.The reason why Beyoglu is preffered so much is that it is so close to some important and attractive point of visit for example ; Galata Tower , Istiklal Street etc.In order to smell and live the history from so close , you can prefer to stay Beyoglu district of Istanbul , as a result of this decision you can visit main attraction points so easily. Okay but where tos tay in Beyoglu ? Here are my suggestions my dear reader 😊 My first advice is Pera Palace Hotel , imagine a hotel which serves for 126 years and the name of this hotel takes place in the books.Also it has an alternative which is travelling around the Taksim square and Istiklal street is so easy thanks to its location.Beyoglu offers really great places to stay which is better than other thats why our other suggestion to stay is Tomtom Suites which also serves 5 stars.Tomtom suites is award wining hotel thanks to its proven quality.If you want to enjoy your holiday with an historical area with the excellent service quality in Istanbul , then Tomtom Suites can be a good choice.

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