Best holiday destinations that will make you relax in 2020 in Turkey


As the summer holidays come again you start planning for your trip this year and you start searching for relaxing places where you can have a pleasant time forgetting about your job and stressful routine. For sure, Turkey is one of the best options for you because of what it offers to visitors from beautiful natural sights to historical places, and fun activities in case you felt bored.


Here are some of the most important destinations in Turkey where you can relax your soul:



Ortakoy district:

This district is one of the oldest districts in Istanbul city, it has a lot of historical monuments such as Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy famous Mosque, and many boutiques where you can buy antiques and jewelries. In addition to that, you can have a delicious lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants that are located directly on the

. If you want a more peaceful environment, you can go there at night when all tour cruises have finished their tours and less people are gathered. At that time, you will see the Bosphorus in a different way. Calm, soft yellow and red lights, cool air touching our face to break the heat of summer, and a cup of warm Turkish Coffee will be more than enough to relax you.


Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque:


Located at the SultanAhmet Square both Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are considered two of the most famous religious monuments in Turkey. Starting with Hagia Sophia Museum that once was the largest cathedral in the world and then changed to be a mosque to end up as a museum. When you enter this museum, you will feel really amazed because of its complicated architecture and historical interior design and the atmosphere inside of it will make you relieved. After finishing your visit to Hagia Sophia go to Blue Mosque on the opposite side, the first feeling after you enter the mosque is a beautiful dread because of its extremely huge hall and peaceful atmosphere, not to mention the mosaic and graffiti inscribed on the walls that are considered a masterpiece.

When you finish your visit, go to one of the restaurants around and taste the delicious Turkish Kebap.



Princes islands:

During summer time, Istanbul city welcomes a lot of visitors from all over the world which makes it overcrowded. Thus, the best way to escape traffic and crowds is to take the ferry heating toward the big island of princes islands where you can spend your time between the horses and nature, especially that cars are not allowed there. You can ride one of the horses to the top of the mountain or simply take one of the trolleys going up and once you get there, have a Kebab Sandwich while enjoying the most beautiful view you ever seen. Make sure to stay there to watch the sunset and bring your camera with you, you will definitely need it.

Cappadocia city:


It is not bad to go out of Istanbul and visit the other cities because they are not less interesting than Istanbul city. For example, Cappadocia city is famous for its colorful balloons where you can ride one of them and have a tour around the valley of the city. You can also have a tour riding a horse between the fairy chimneys, or visit the underground ancient city that goes back to Byzantine Empire Period. After you finish, go up the hill and sit at one of the restaurants there to watch the beautiful sunset because Cappadocia city is famous for its breathtaking view over the sunset.

One more thing, you cannot get back to Istanbul on the same day you go to Cappadocia because it takes a few hours to reach it, so it is better to stay at one of the hotels there to next morning.


Borsa City:

Borsa city is not far away from Istanbul city and it is as interesting as Istanbul but less crowded which is better for you. Two things that you really must do in Borsa city. One, use the Teleferik to go up the mountain Uludag and enjoy the cold weather to break the heat of summer and beautiful natural sights. Two, taste Iskender Kebab delicious dish because this dish is originally from Borsa. You can also visit the villages around the city and walk through the beautiful colorful trees.

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