Adventurous Things to Do in Istanbul

People in Istiklal Street, Istanbul

When you visit a city, you usually want to do more than see the sights. To get a sense of the culture and the people, doing some adventurous activities rather than normal touristy things is the best idea.

Explore the Historical Islands


If this is your first time in Istanbul, you should visit the Princes Islands. The islands have this name since the Byzantine and early Ottoman period. It’s a popular place for families and couples to visit on the weekends. Büyükada is the most famous one among the islands. During the Byzantine period, it was used as an exile destination as well. So, the island has many stories to tell. A Walk in Büyükada can be the perfect way to discover the rich history and get to know various facts about the island at the same time. Try the horse-drawn carriages for making the experience more comfortable. However, you can prefer to rent a bike to explore the island better. Make sure to visit Aya Yorgi Church which has a magnificent view to the island. For a spontaneous stay in the island for a night, Splendid Palace Hotel is the best choice with its historical background and magnificent decoration with red shutters that resembles Parisian apartments. Make sure to make a reservation before you go!

Find Unique Experiences in Istanbul

Boat crossing the Galata Bridge

Since Turkey is a football-mad country, every person in the country has a team that they support. Turkey’s most famous soccer teams are from Istanbul. You can visit their modern stadiums as well. Beşiktaş Stadium is located on the European Side of the city where Besiktas JK’s matches take place. Also, you can visit the Fenerbahçe Ülker Stadium which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. It belongs to one of the best soccer team in Turkey, Fenerbahçe. has a museum where you are able to see the cups that the team won in the past years. Therefore, if you’re in town during the football season, catch a live game of football.

Istanbul has been an inspiration for many movies and books for many years. While writing the “Murder on the Orient Express’’, Agatha Christie was inspired by the Constantinople Train Station. Orient Express Trail Walk offers a unique experience while learning stories about the famous novel. While walking in the streets. you will visit the oldest subway of the world, the tunnel which is located in Karaköy. The area is filled with design hotels, hip cafes, art galleries and cool boutiques. By discovering the boutiques, you may find designer accessories or vintage stuff. For a cup of coffee, Karabatak Karaköy offers the best quality in the area.  However, Karaköy Lokantası is a good choice to taste delicious and quick Turkish food. During lunch hours, you may find a table but it’s hard to find a seat in the evening without reservation.

Enjoy the City Like a Local

Turkish hospitality

Talking about experiences, Grand Bazaar is a the place to get some. This place is complicated yet so worth a visit. There are many shops that specialize in certain goods. Take a Grand Bazaar Shopping Tour for finding the most reputable shops that offer best quality. After long hours of exploring the Grand Bazaar, try Hamdi Restaurant that brings Turkish cuisine specialities to the heart of Istanbul. Since it’s one of the richest kitchen of the world, while visiting the city, learning some basic meals might be a good idea. Take your time and join to Ottoman Style Cooking Workshop to learn how to prepare a delicious menu in a traditional Turkish home. We are sure that you can use this knowledge to impress people in every corner of the world.

Have Fun Like a Child in Thematic Parks

istanbul sea life

Whether coming as a family or coming with your friends, offers different kinds of opportunities to spend an adventurous day! With XtremAventures Istanbul Entrance Ticket, you will have lots of fun with 5 carefully planned action-packed courses. This park will make you feel like you are child again. Another spot that an adventure seeker must visit is the Jungle Park which is the first thematic park in Turkey. For a jungle experience in the middle of metropolitan, Jungle Park in Istanbul is the place for meeting exotic creatures. You will be able to meet more than 100 kinds of animal. Also, the park has some works over endangered animals in their natural life. That’s why it’s not similar to a zoo, rather it’s a natural environment for their reproductivity.

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