5 Magical Places Which are Near to Istanbul, Even Nearer by Car

Belgrad Forest

Istanbul is a beautiful city with various unique features. In addition to city center, places near Istanbul have various attractions and beauties to offer during your Istanbul tour. You can drive to those locations for weekends, or you can organize one-day trips to have a peaceful, entertaining time.

If you are looking for alternative to traditional Istanbul old city tour, you might want to have more choices. Here are 5 magical places which are near to Istanbul that you will experience unforgettable moments.

Belgrad Forest

The Belgrad Forest proves that although it is one of the biggest metropoles, Istanbul still preserves its natural beauties. This amazing landscape welcomes guests especially on weekends. In this amazing forest, you can follow one of the trekking routes. Most of these routes are suitable for both professionals and newbies. You will spend an amazing weekend at the heart of the nature. If you get hungry, you can discover the restaurants in Istanbul. This forest is close to important attraction centers in Istanbul.


Kıyıköy is a small village near the Black Sea. This lovely village is located in the Vize province of the Kırklareli city. You can reach this amazing village in couple of hours by car. And it is the perfect place to enjoy village life near Istanbul. If you have not booked a guided tour in Istanbul, you can rent a car to visit this place. You only need your driving license and a valid credit card to rent a car in Istanbul.


If you want to spend a day among forests, Maşukiye in Kartepe province will be your top destination near Istanbul. During the winter, you can also go for skiing in Kartepe. This province is close to Istanbul and it approximately takes 2 hours by car. In Maşukiye village, you have different things to do. You can walk near the lake or you can go for an ATV safari ride. All of these options will make your trip to this lovely village unforgettable.


Taraklı village is one of the magical places which are near to Istanbul. In this historical village, you can witness the traditional houses from Ottoman period. If you want a breath of fresh air, you can visit Karagöl Highland near Taraklı. This entire region will give you the best experience in your Istanbul tour.


If you want to drive longer, you will discover Uçmakdere. Previously known as “Avdimo”, this village is approximately 170km away from Istanbul. Located in Tekirdag city, this amazing place has the best view of Marmara Sea. If you love adventure, you can skip staying in the hotels in Istanbul and go for camping. Uçmakdere is the hidden treasure near Istanbul and this amazing place is waiting for you to discover it.

If you want to discover more things to do in Istanbul, you can check our guided tour options. You can skip the line with guided Topkapı Palace tour and save time for other attractions in Istanbul. There is always a suitable activity for you and your loved ones in this amazing and lively city.

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