Birecik is a small town in south eastern district of Turkey. It is connected to Şanlıurfa, which is well known globally for the quality of its meat and beauty of its authentic cuisine. Birecikli restaurant is situated in Florya. Since its establishment in 2016, it has been serving authentic south eastern cuisine for their guests. Birecikli restaurants menu ranges from classical kebab styles like alinazik kebab to interesting tastes like poppy seed kebab. Birecikli restaurant is a nice place to spend your evening with your family.
If authentic Turkish cuisine and authentic Ottoman cuisine interests you, you can join our Cooking Workshop activity is right for you! In this 2-hour activity, you will take a course on one of the richest kitchen cultures of the World. You will be a part of the succulent journey of Anatolian, Ottoman and Turkish cuisine and have a deeper understanding of how it was shaped. Ottoman Emperors always tried to preserve the culture of the place they conquered. This led to enriched cultural heritage on lifestyle, monuments and cuisine. With instructions of a professional Ottoman cuisine chef, you will be part of exciting making process of Turkish cuisine. What you will make changes day to day so what you make will be a surprise for you!
Or maybe discovering the Jewish district of Istanbul? This tour is also a nice alternative to explore different textures of Istanbul. In this half-day tour, we will walk you through the colorful streets of Galata, Istanbul’s Jewish districts and inform you about Jewish community living in Istanbul and how their culture and Istanbul in general reciprocally shape the culture and living style. Jewish community has been living in parts of Istanbul for hundreds of years, and after Fatih the conqueror conquered Istanbul, he encouraged Jewish community to move here to repopulate and enrich the city. Most of these people settled near Galata, which is close to Golden Horn. This tour will allow you to take amazing pictures for you to put on social media and keep as memory. We will discover the Jewish synagogues, the Jewish museum, local Jewish houses and more in this tour, and our professional guides will narrate you the story of Abraham Kamondo and more. 
We also recommend you attend rhythm of the dance show to enrich your cultural knowledge about Istanbul. This event takes place in historical Hodjapasha Cultural Center. Hodjapasha Cultural Center was originally built as hamam (Turkish bath) in 15thcentury.  Hodjapasha is the nickname of a historical character named Sinan Pasha, due to his commitment to rumi religion studies and living style. This hamam had both sections for men and women for over hundreds of years. At 2008, this place got restored and turned into a place of cultural events, rumi education and dance center. On the other part of Hodjapasha Cultural Center, you can enjoy the Dervish Experience Exhibition before dance show. This experience allows you to understand how Rumi belief developed and how it affects and shapes living of its believers. 
Birecikli restaurant is a cozy, friendly place where you can try authentic south eastern cuisine selections, from a chef from hometown of most of these delicacies. It is also situated in the Old City, so you can use this restaurant is a nice resting place on your travel. 




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